How to Meditate Properly Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve had massive requests to release our new book How to Meditate Properly Anytime, Anywhere on Kindle. So, we’ve listened to our readers and, you’ll be pleased to hear, you can now read How to Meditate Properly Anytime, Anywhere on your kindle devices.

You, our readers, told us that you had found our online meditation course very enlightening, many of you using our meditation techniques every day. The one comment we heard back was “I love meditating but I just can’t find enough time to do it.”


With How to Meditate Properly Anytime, Anywhere we’ve custom designed an entire day o meditation. With this book you will learn:

  • How to meditate in the morning
  • How to meditate while eating
  • How to meditate at work
  • How to meditate at home
  • How to meditate while exercising
  • And much more.


It really doesn’t matter what you are doing in a day, it is always possible to find time in the day to meditate? If you’re making a meal, you can meditate on the scents and colours of the food, then meditate on the taste as you eat.

If you’re at work, you can meditate in your breaks by doing specific breathing exercise techniques. You can also design your office as a meditation space. This will improve your productivity, help you to relax while working and ultimately make your work time more effective, allowing you to make more money.

We wanted to make How to meditate properly anytime, anywhere available for all people. That’s why we’ve set a low price for the book: $1.50. We hope that you, our readers, will help share this new meditation book with the world. Please tell friends about it in person, on Facebook, Twitter etc. We believe the modern and groundbreaking meditation techniques in How to Meditate Properly Anytime, Anywhere constitute a new kind of meditation, allowing all people around the world to meditate, regardless of their circumstances.

We hope you enjoy the book and thank you for sharing with family and friends.

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