The Best Ways To Stop Being Lazy And Procrastinating

A reader wrote in and said, “I need to know some ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating. I’m so lazy I make Homer Simpson look like an Olympian. SO yeah… best ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating?”

Thanks for your question.

We need to know some ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating so we can be productive and achieve our goals in life.
Sometimes we have all the motivation in the world, feeling as though we could move mountains with our ickle-pinky-finger. Yet at other times we feel as though we couldn’t lift our backsides for all the money in the world. That’s the problem with motivation: it’s inconsistent. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down. Sometimes we’re raring to go, sometimes we wish the whole world would sod off so we could stay asleep on the couch. What we need is a way to overcome laziness, to stop procrastination. We don’t want to be the turtle that met the finishing line slowly, nor the hare that cockily fell asleep halfway through. We want something between the two, such that we can progress steadily and at a healthy pace. We need sustained, balanced, consistent motivation. Here are a few key pointers, all of which have been scientifically proven to create and sustain motivation. These are excellent ways how to overcome laziness.



Ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating # 1 : Reward Effort for the sake of Effort Itself

One of the most common causes of laziness is in not seeing the point in one’s actions. Laziness can arise when we have tried very hard at something before only to be disappointed with the results of our efforts. These past experiences can make us feel that there’s no reason to bother at all because our efforts won’t end in the results we want anyway. To overcome this idea, we need to learn that making an effort is enough of a positive in itself, regardless of extrinsic rewards.

Every time you make a real effort to do something, reward yourself for the effort, regardless of the results. For instance, if you wanted to save money, say £100, and you tried very hard but only managed to save £40, reward yourself regardless because this will reinforce the value of effort in itself and will make you more likely to try as hard, if not harder, in the future.


Ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating # 2: Set your Focus

Look for the areas of your life that you would like to improve. Next to each of the following write a sentence describing what you would like to happen for each.

– Health and wellness
– Personal growth and passions
– Career
– Friends
– Family
– Physical environment
– Fun and recreation
– Finances
– Romantic relationships


Ways to stop being lazy and procrastinating #3: Have a Meaningful Goal in Mind Always

The best and most well practiced self improvement exercise for creating motivation is to have in mind a detailed and exciting picture of where you want to be / what you want to achieve. Try to decide on one thing in life that you really really want to happen. Make it something that is meaningful, of value and fairly challenging but not impossible. Something that you know you could achieve if you tried really hard.

Once you have decided on this one goal, try to imagine what your life would be like the moment after you achieve the goal. How would you feel? What would you see? What would you hear? For instance, if your goal was to be slim when you get married, imagine seeing yourself looking slim in the mirror, imagine what people would say to you and how you would feel. Vividly create a mental image of what success would mean to you. Every time you begin to feel lazy, bring this image to mind to rejuvenate your motivation.

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