How to Stop Being Shy by Understanding Body Language

 Let me begin by revealing one mistake I myself made when I was trying to discover how to stop being shy.  I used to make a big mistake when it came to judging myself. Perhaps it’s a mistake you share.

The mistake I made was that I used to think some people—popular, charismatic people, to be precise—instinctively knew what to say, and that I did not.

I used to believe absolutely in the “gift of the gab;” a gift I did not (in younger years) have. This killed my attempts to discover how to overcome shyness.

But then it dawned on me. What if those people who held a crowd and who knew how to be entertaining and good at chatting; what if they didn’t know what to say, but rather we’re just very quick at determining the reaction they were getting, such that if they said the wrong thing, they’d know immediately and change what they were saying, where if they said the right thing, they’d know and could stick to it? This question is what led me to find the true way how to stop being shy.

Realising that it was possible to say what I wanted and to adapt based on the reception I was getting, it became possible to speak with the utmost ease and freedom, safe in the knowledge that if I said something wrong, I’d know it before it became an issue.

I’m sure you can imagine how beneficial this was to my effort to overcome shyness.

Because I no longer needed to worry so much about what I said, I felt significantly more comfortable speaking. And once you’ve read through the following body language tips you’ll share my confidence and will be able to overcome shyness in no time.

How to stop being shy by understanding your audience

As someone who lived with crippling shyness in my younger years, I’d like to give a little slice of advice before getting to the hard facts of how to stop being shy. When you read through these body language gestures, consider how you can use these as a “safety net.”

By learning these body language gestures and their meanings, you’ll be able to know: when someone is offended; when someone is bored; when someone else wants to speak; when someone likes what you say; when someone agrees and disagrees with you. You’ll know these things even before the other person says anything. This means you’ll have a solid way of controlling conversation, one that will help you to feel confident chatting to people and will help overcome shyness and depression.  To me, this is the absolutely best answer to how to stop being shy. So, let’s get to the actual body language facts.

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