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How to relax at home while getting the work done

Discover the best ways to relax at home while getting work done. Housework and relaxation. We’ve only gone and put them together!  Go us!

So, I just finished scrubbing the conservatory floor on my hands and knees, tile by tile. It’s a long job and a job on most days I really would not want to do. You probably have a whole horde of similar jobs you yourself perform; you know, those blinking horrid chores we hate to do but which always need doing.

As I said, on any normal day I would not enjoy scrubbing the conservatory tiles at all. Yet today was different. Why? For two reasons. First off, I’ve been struggling to come up with new creative ideas for work, and secondly, I was due a meditation session.

Turns out that scrubbing the floor (and other housework) can be a brilliant way of relaxing and even of coming up with valuable new ideas, new thoughts or new ways of looking at things. Lets deal with the relaxation part first.

How to relax at home by meditating on work

Generally, housework is anything but relaxing; you normally just want it done. When you’re doing the housework, you’re usually thinking about finishing, getting a cup of tea, putting your feet up and finally relaxing. Believe it or not, this mentality is precisely what makes housework stressful and a hassle.

Housework by itself is not stressful or boring. The way we look at housework is what makes it stressful and boring. When you focus only on getting a job done rather than focussing on the thing you are actually doing, you get stressed. It’s that simple.

So how do we turn housework from a boring, stressful chore to a relaxing and enjoyable experience?

The answer is to focus precisely on the work you are doing as you are doing it. I’ll explain this using my example of the conservatory floor.

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