Creative Way To Relieve Stress [TUTORIAL]


Asked how to relieve stress at work, millions find the answer in drawing and painting. Yet many more prevent themselves from making use of these basic activities because they consider themselves untalented. PAH! You don’t need talent to make use of fun and positive activities, especially when the activity happens to be a way how to relieve stress at work. Spend a few minutes reading this article and discover if you could take advantage of this basic relaxation exercise millions of people already use every day.

How to relieve stress at work through art


In the article An Introduction to Art Therapy we looked at the various benefits of art therapy and particularly painting, discussing how painting is relaxing, helps a person cope with stress, can inspire an appreciation for the beauty of life and much more. And, it’s worth noting, the article mentioned how many people lose their ability to enjoy painting when they grow older, largely because they begin to be concerned with that thing called talent (ask yourself: do you stop yourself from doing something because you’re not talented at it?

What would happen if you forgot about talent and simply did what you wanted to do regardless of how good you may or may not be at it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that below).
Back to the painting. One of the best things about it is that it is an excellent way how to relieve stress at work. Imagine it like this: In your mind is a stressful thought. It’s stuck there, biting away at you like a red ant in your brain. These thoughts ruin your productivity, which is why you need to know how to relieve stress at work. Thankfully, when you begin painting, you start to think creatively. You loosen up your thoughts and they come running like a river through your mind, washing out in paint onto the page. That pesky little red-ant thought gets caught up in the tidal wave of creative-energy you’re unleashing. It dies on a page gasping for breath. Your mind is left emptied, freed from the tyranny of those nasty stressful thoughts. And you’re left free to relax. And all through the power of painting. Nice!
So, let’s now look at precisely how to relieve stress at work.

10 Minute Exercise for How to Relieve Stress at work / Home

 This article is good for:

Immediate stress relief

How can you reduce stress easier than through a pencil?!

Workplace stress relief (you’ve likely already got pen and paper to hand if you’re at work)

Relaxation technique

Grab yourself a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper or cardboard. Hold the pen / pencil in your hand ready and be sitting in front of the piece of paper.

  • Close your eyes and take a few minutes to empty your mind. (if you’re at work and can’t close your eyes then just proceed with them open)
  • Once your mind feels sufficiently empty, focus on the negative stressful thoughts that’s been bothering you lately. Allow yourself to focus absolutely on that negative thought.
  • Keep your eyes closed and, when you feel an impulse to begin, start to move the pen / pencil on the page. You’ll likely move the pen / pencil very quickly. That’s fine.
  • Quite soon you’ll feel an impulse to stop. Do so. Take out another piece of paper and begin the exercise once more.
  • Repeat until you have drawn three images. Then close your eyes for a couple of minutes and relax.
So there we are. Now you have a fun and very easy way how to relieve stress at work!

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