The Fun Way Kids Teach Us To Beat Stress

kids having fun being stressfree

How much time have you spent preoccupied with stresses and concerns that didn’t really matter? How often have you stopped yourself from doing something because of how you (quite probably incorrectly) thought others might react? Worse, how often have you forced yourself to do something you didn’t want to just to try and impress others? Let’s face it: It’s time to learn how to relieve stress naturally. 

We all allow pressure, stress and negativity to get to us. It’s natural, to a degree. But what if we could just stop?

Stop caring.

Stop worrying.

Stop being so serious

Stop thinking about how other people may react.


What if we could live carefree? How much more fun would life be? How much more would we do, see, say and feel? 

Thankfully, there’s time right now to take a moment to first acknowledge how much of an impact these serious, gloomy, stressy thoughts have on our lives and to turn it around, to let go, to have fun, to face the world with the beaming eyes and adventurous heart of the most excitable kid by learning how to relieve stress naturally. 

How To Relieve Stress Naturally: Have Fun 4 a change . . .


Challenge Everything you “Must” or “Should” Do or Be.  How many things are there that you think you must do, or things you think you must achieve? How much of your life and personality is shaped by what you deem to be obligations of your existence? Perhaps you think you must act maturely, or you must not stay in bed in the morning. Thoughts like this—the “should” and “must” thoughts—put great pressure on us, stopping us from letting go and having fun. What’s worst, most of the time we don’t truly have to do things. Ask yourself, are those must’s really so vital? Isn’t there space to lighten up and just have fun? changing the way you think, like this, is one of the best ways how to relieve stress naturally.

Negativity, Smeg-ativity: Everybody has negative thoughts. They might be about money, health, relationships or anything else. You’ll already know exactly what the negative thoughts are that hold you back, but what do you do about it? Two things. Firstly, you acknowledge the reality of the situation (for instance, if you’re worried about money, accept that yes, perhaps things aren’t amazing at the moment but. . . ) having acknowledged the situation, you then look for a positive development (I might not have much money right now, but I’m motivated to succeed and will spend every day actively seeking a new job. In a few months time I’ll look back and realise that these problems were really just some spring showers)

Laugh. We all know the benefits of laughter (and if we don’t, we can find them right here, see: The benefits of laughter . . . easy). Look at the funny side of the situation. Watch comedy movies. Spend time with funny people. Crack a few jokes. Indulge in humour.

Make other people lighten up: Sometimes, it’s easier to be positive about other people than about ourselves. Make use of that fact. Instead of thinking about relaxing and having fun yourself, think about helping other people to relax and have fun. You’ll still be developing your own carefree spirit in this way, but you’ll be doubly relaxed as you’re making it about someone else.


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