How To Do Third Eye Meditation Technique. Your Complete Guide

  • The third eye meditation technique is an exercise for the sixth chakra (The Third Eye (the sixth chakra) ), which lies between the eyebrows, just a pinch up from the nose.
  • In Hindu and Tantra Yoga systems it is believed that the third eye radiates light and receives information. This is why the third eye is the seat of clairvoyance and insight. If your third eye is blocked, you will not be able to tap into your insight.
  • In this guide I’ll show you how you can us the third eye meditation technique so you can enjoy heightened states of insight and understanding.


Introduction To Third Eye Meditation Technique

The Third Eye chakra is the key to what is called “Clairvoyant Sight” (clear vision). When we exists in pureness and health energy flows easily through our Third Eye chakra and we are able to tap into our intuition and insight. But sometime the third eye gets block (for instance, your third eye an get blocked if you have bad work shifts). At this time the third eye will be blocked and you won’t be able to use your intuitive mind until you clear that chakra, which you can do with chakra clearing meditations. One such meditation is the Third Eye Meditation technique, which we will look at in just a moment. You can also clear the chakras with other techniques, for instance, the Shambhavi mudra clears the third eye.

The third eye is used for moving past your limitations and clearing your mind. It is claimed that through this technique people can see chakras, auras and other spiritual energies.  If your third eye is blocked it can seriously harm your well-being. And there are lots of reasons why your third eye gets blocked.

Your third eye is vitally important. That’s why the Third Eye Meditation Technique is one of most popularly taught techniques by meditation schools / meditation teachers.


The Benefits Of The Third Eye Meditation Technique

There are more than 100 scientifically proven benefits of meditation. For instance meditation helps with stress and anxiety and improve your immune system. But the Third Eye Meditation offers unique benefits that are not like other meditation techniques. While there are over 700 different types of meditation, there is only one Third Eye Meditation technique.

Like other techniques, this technique helps you to perceive the world outside of the trappings of the mind. It also promotes calmness and relaxation. A friend of mine currently studying for a masters degree in spiritual psychology states that Third Eye Meditation is in the top five most beneficial meditation techniques for mental health–so it’s definitely worth spending at least 15 minutes a day practicing it.

Here are some of the benefits of the third eye meditation technique:

  • 1. The third eye meditation technique helps to treat anxiety and depression by making us more aware of our thoughts
  • 2. The third eye meditation technique helps us to understand people. This is why online psychics use this meditation technique all the time. 
  • 3. The third eye meditation technique helps with business as it promotes deeper understanding of reality. 
  • 4. The third eye meditation technique helps your relationships as it allows you to understand others better. 


How to do the Third Eye meditation technique


The third Eye Meditation Technique

Make sure you’ve read our complete guide to chakra meditation before beginning.

Read these instructions for the third eye meditation techniques carefully. Then after reading gradually begin to do the third eye meditation technique, stopping if you feel any discomfort. Note that some people have claimed that there are dangers to the third eye meditation technique, so it is advisable to contact a professional before continuing. 

1. Take yourself somewhere quiet where you can relax. This will help you to focus.
2. Breath deep through your nose. Hold momentarily then exhale through the mouth. Relax.
Relax the face. Feel the relaxation extending to the body

3. Gradually relax more and more.
4. Focus your attention between your eyebrows. Become aware of your third eye, the energy in the centre of your forehead. Feel it opening and radiating light. Notice the light travelling outwards from your Third Eye in 360 degrees.
5. Let go and release any negative or disruptive thoughts.
6. Continue to relax
7. Allow the sphere of light in your forehead to open. Observe the light radiating.
8. Continue to relax your body. As you do so, be aware of the sensation of your body becoming lighter and lighter.
9. Allow your third eye to open, continuing to relax.
10. Ask for divine help to open your third eye.
11. Allow the light to flow through you, out your third eye.

12. Ask your Higher Self to fill you with pure white light. Ask for the light to fill you throughout, into every place in and around you.
13. Ask your Higher Self if there is a message about you opening your third eye. Be still for a couple of minutes and allow any message to appear.
14. Ask what it is that you must know in order to open your third eye. Again, be still for a couple of minutes.
15. Notice if there are images or thoughts or visions arising in your third eye.
16. Once you have experience the third eye for long enough, take your time and gradually bring your awareness back to the present place and time.

17. Say (aloud or in your head) “I am fully present in this moment, here and now.”
18. Take a deep breath, stretch and express thanks for your third eye meditation.

Let me know how you get on with this. Leave a comment.

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