Indie spiritualist: A No Bullshit Urban Spiritual Read

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Before I begin this review, let me get my blatant bias out of the way. As someone who runs four websites, two of which are devoted to everything indie ( and and two of which are dedicated to spirituality (this one and I cannot think of any book that, in two words, has ever captured . . . well, ME. Which is weird, given that I had nothing to do with the book.

Anyway; that’s enough about me. On with the review.

Indie Spiritualist Book Review

Christ Grosso is a multi-faith guy who runs a website called Indie Spiritualist. Chris’ faith has been created by the influence of numerous different spiritualities, all of which are important to him. He is, in other words, a reflection of the times, for most of us have aspects of some religions and spiritualities we believe in, while not dedicating ourselves 100% to any one of them –it’s a system I myself live by too. Not only does Chris have many spiritualities, but many interests too, ranging from skateboarding to writing to music. Interesting guy [Editor].

This multitude of spiritualities and interests form the many-vertebrae of the backbone of Indie Spiritualist. The book shares Chris’ personal journey, and does so with honesty and a suitable amount of soul. It shares his low times—which include being an addict—but also high times. With humility, Chris shares the truth, and his honesty makes Indie Spiritualist a great read.

Indie Spiritualist is definitely not a new age book. It’s spirituality on the street; dharma juxtaposed with rock, which, in the modern age, is the way it should be. Spiritualities must be willing to engage in modern society, not skulking in the recesses of history and tradition. Chris brings spirituality to the forefront, for people who perhaps may not have even considered spirituality yet.

It is in its direct and no bullshit approach to spirituality that Indie Spiritualist finds its wings. A well written and important book, it can proudly take its place next to the growing canon of modern, urban spiritual literature.

And as a side not, this is the first book to ever receive the mark of recommendation from both and



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