How to get someone to notice you


What if there were a way how to get someone to notice you without even talking to or looking at them?

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Right now, without realising it,  your mind will be scanning your environment for things you like. That’s why if an attractive person comes into view, or if you smell something pleasant like perfume, or even if you hear somebody saying something about you, you’ll immediately become aware of it even without thinking. And everyone else is doing the same thing too. Everyone is subconsciously searching for things. This subconscious scanning is the key means how to get someone to notice you.

People are subconsciously scanning their environment based upon certain criteria. By matching that criteria you’ll gain his / her attention.

If people are always scanning their environment for things they like, then you can immediately grab their attention by giving them what they want. And you can give them what they want without them even being aware of it, just by inserting some keywords into what you’re saying.


Example: How to get someone to notice you at a bar

So, let’s say that you’re at a bar chatting away about whatever you chat away about, when in walks an attractive member of the opposite sex. You don’t know much about this other person, but you hear them talking quite passionately about nature. What do you do?

You recognise that this person is going to be unconsciously scanning (or searching) for words related to the thing they like: nature, so you give them what they want. You continue your conversation with your friend but begin to include keywords around the theme of nature. You don’t even have to start talking about nature; you can just use nature for metaphors, saying things like “can’t see the wood for the trees,” “it’s so wild” and so on,” using words that people associate with nature.

Because of the laws of the mind, the other person will have no choice but to a) hear those words about nature because they’re already scanning for them; b) associate you with nature because of the words you are using; c) have a favourable view of you because you have forced their subconscious to associate you with something they already like.           [/wpcol_2third] [wpcol_1third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]

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How do you get someone to notice you

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Isn’t it amazing how little fun tricks like this can make such a big difference to the way people think and feel about you? How many ways do you think you could take advantage of this information?


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