Did You Know Instant Noodles Are Bad For You And Cancerous

instant noodles are bad for you and cancerous

New scientific research has uncovered the shocking truth about instant noodles. Turns out instant noodles are bad for you and cancerous.


You know the score. You get a fifteen minutes lunch break. You’re hungry. You need to eat quickly so you have like… two minutes… left to relax in your break…


So you go ahead and you grab yourself a pack of ramen noodles because they’re really quick and easy to make.

But according to The Journal of Nutrition, eating instant noodles significantly increases the risk of contracting cardiometabolic syndrome, which leads to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.


According to scientific research done by Baylor University, you’ve got two choices… you can eat a traditional diet (rice, fish, potatoes, fruit and vegetables) and enjoy good blood pressure readings and low risk of obesity…

Or you can go with the “Quick and Easy” version. You can eat lots of meat, fried foods and noodles. This, according to scientific research, will leaves you with high risk of obesity, stroke, and heart complications…

“Quick and Easy foods”…? More like “Quick and easy recipes for death.”

Please share this. Instant foods are killing us. Eat healthy, because you’re worth it.

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