Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Change | Sa Ta Na Ma

On this page: we share Kunalini Yoga Mantras for change, the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change, and many great inspirational quotes for change. 



Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Change | Sa Ta Na Ma

The technical stuff:  Sa Ta Na Ma is the most important kundalini yoga meditation for change. Sa Ta Na Ma vaguely translates to Existence, Life, Dead, Rebirh.   The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change is to be used alongside specific mudras (hand positions) as well as sounds and specific mind focus.

For dummies: To newcomers, the above probably sounded very confusing. So, to put it in simpler terms: The mantra for change is “Sa Ta Na Ma,” a chant which is repeated in coordination with specific hand positions.


The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change grants certain benefits: 

  • increases intuitive abilities
  • removes negative thoughts and emotions
  • promotes positive emotions
  • builds focus
  • grants peace

How to use the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change

  1.    Sit with your legs crossed (or, if you’re not able to do so, just sit comfortably with good posture)
  2. Make sure you spine is straight and hold your wrists on your knees with your palms upwards
  3.  Close your eyes but turn them upwards so you’re looking at your forehead (but with your eyes closed). Release your eyes whenever they feel uncomfortable
  4. Now, you’re going to chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” but with specific hand positions as follows.
  5. On “Sa” put your index finger and thumb togethre
  6. On “Ta” your third finger + thumb
  7. “Na” = 4th finger + thumb
  8. “Ma” =littler finger + thumb
  9. While doing this, imagine the sounds of S T N and M entering your forehead (crown chakra) while the “A” part of the chant has the energy leaving the forehead. Keep this going while chanting.
  10. Continue for five minutes.

Try it right now so you can refer to the instructions.

And there you are, the Kundalini Yoga mantra for change. Difficult? Yes, for us newcomers, it’s pretty complex, but you’ll get used to it.

If you want something easier, you can always just read these inspiring quotes about change.

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