Kundalini Har Meditation for Prosperity


The powerful Kundalini Yoga meditation for prosperity which you will learn on this page will attract prosperity into your life.

 This technique for prosperity (which uses the “Har” meditation / mantra) is effective and simple to use even for beginners.

I usually recommend to my students that they use this as a secondary technique as there is a more powerful meditation technique for prosperity.  However, this technique is also very effective.


Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Prosperity


*** Try this meditation for prosperity now and remember to bookmark the page (CTRL + D) so you can return to this page***

Take yourself somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for up to 15 minutes. You may sit on the floor, on a chair or stand up, but make sure you have good posture and that you are comfortable


Close your eyes for five minutes and focus on your breath. This will relax you and lead you into a meditate state. When you feel relaxed and have found focus, continue with the next step. 


You are going to use a specific hand gesture. To use the hand gesture, hold your hands open with the palms facing down. This is step 1. Bring your hands together so you are clapping the side of your hand, with your right thumb going underneath the left. 

The next step of the hand gesture is to turn your hands upside down (so the palms are now facing downward)  and clap again so that you are bringing the outside of your hands together (the little fingers touch). 


While performing this hand movement, close your eyes about 90%, so they are barely open, and stare down the tip of your nose. 


Finally, each time you bring your hands together, say “Har.” 

Repeat for ten minutes. 

This meditation for prosperity is powerful and effective but you must commit to it. Try to do it once a day. Remember to bookmark this page (CTRL + D) so you can try this technique again tomorrow.



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