Osho Dance Meditation Will Revolutionize Your Spirit

The Osho dance meditation techniques is a truly wonderful meditation. If, like me, you love trying new meditation techniques and are open to all sides of spirituality, you should definitely try Osho dance meditation.

Dynamic meditations (movement meditations) are very much an in-thing in the spiritual world right now. And that’s fantastic. Why? Because dance meditation is one of the best exercises for body and mind.


The benefits Of Dance Meditation Techniques

As well as the regular 100+ health benefits of meditation, dance meditation offers its own unique health benefits.

By combining dance with meditation you get the best of both worlds: relaxation and exercise, and it’s a type of relaxation and exercise that works on both the body and mind. Dancing exercises you physically while meditating exercises the mind.

Combining dance with meditation creates one of the best forms of mind-body exercises. After an hour of practicing dance meditation you will feel far more anchored in your own body and you will be much more aware of the energy of your body.

Dance meditating also helps to improve spatial awareness. Dancing is an excellent spatial awareness exercise, the addition of meditation simply makes the exercise that much more effective.

My personal favorite benefit of dance meditation is that it is the number one way of breaking out of old habits. Too often in life we get stuck in ingrained mental habits. When you perform the dance meditation techniques below, you let go of your old way of thinking and of your old habits, almost as though you are clearing out your mind. The result is a powerful cleansing that will liberate your mind and body.

How to do dance meditation

Dance meditation is fairly easy to begin though it is best done with a teacher. Here’s how to perform a basic dancing meditation.

* If you are new to meditation, take a look at my guide to the basics of meditation before you begin.
1)      Stand up and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing (breathing meditation) for five minutes to relax. If you haven’t done mindful breathing before you will find this guide to Anapanasati meditation helpful.


2)      Now focus on your body. Meditate on the sensations in your body. To begin doing this, you should start as you would in typical body scan meditation (take a look at my guide to body scan meditation for more on this).  You will find that your body naturally wants to move. Go with it. Allow your body to move as it wants to. Open your eyes as you begin to move.


3)      Continue for ten minutes (you can use our free meditation timer). After ten minutes begin to get more and more into the dance until you are moving quite actively. Continue to focus on your body while you dance. Dance for twenty minutes with or without music, whichever you prefer.


4)      Shake out any tension and lie on the floor. Meditate on your surroundings for five minutes.

This is a simple introductory dance meditation.



Dance Meditation Technique 2 : Nataraj

Nataraj is considered a total meditation  in which inner division vanishes and we are left with a completely relaxed state of awareness.

Nataraj is about forgetting the dancer and becoming the dance itself. The meditation is about connecting with the inner energy of the dance and allowing that energy to take you over completely. It is about forgetting “You” and becoming the dance.

It must be thought of very differently to regular dancing.

When we dance we are aware of ourselves, we are aware of the steps of the dance. Dancing is great, it’s a good way of keeping fit and getting healthy, but while we remain aware of ourselves and or the steps of the dance it cannot be considered meditation. Meditation only occurs when the person becomes one with the dance.

It is important to move the body in a fun and playful way when practicing this technique. Here’s how to do it.


Osho Nataraj Meditation Instruction: How to do the dance meditation

The Osho Nataraj meditation lasts for 65 minutes and has three stages. (Use our free timer. You can find the link above)

Stage 1: Stage 1 is the longest stage and should last 40 minutes. In this stage you must dance with your eyes closed. Allow you unconscious to completely take control. Make sure that you are not controlling your movements and that you are not aware of the steps. Just dance. Become one with the dance.

Stage 2: 20 minutes

The next stage is done lying down and meditating on everything. Meditate on your body and on the environment. Be still and silent.

Stage 3: 5 minutes



Dance Meditation Technique #3  Osho Kundalini

The Osho Kundalini Meditation benefits include:

  • It is an excellent way of releasing any tension in the body.
  • Because of this it is also a great way to treat stress, depression and other complications that come from tension.
  • It’s good and fun exercise
  • It creates energy and flow
  • Improves overall wellbeing
  •  It is one of the best meditation techniques for unwinding after a stressful fay.

The Osho Kundalini Meditation Technique

It is important to understand the type of movement used in Osho Kundalini meditation. It is important that you allow your body to move rather than forcing your body to move. Any movements should arise from the body rather than from the mind. The meditation is about shaking. You’re loosening up your usually rocklike form. Your body becomes liquid. It is important to enjoy the movements too

Osho Kundalini Meditation Technique Step 1

The first step last 15 minutes. This is the time to let your body relax. allow your body to shake. Feel the energy beginning in your feet and moving up your legs. Become shaking. You can do this with your eyes open or shut as you wish.

Osho Kundalini Meditation Technique Step 2:

Another 15 minute section. In this section you dance. Dance however you feel. Allow your body to go where it wants. You may have your eyes open or closed.

Osho Kundalini Meditation Technique Step 3:

In this 15 minute section you must have your eyes closed and must be still. You may sit or stand, whichever you prefer. Meditate on everything that is happening inside and out.

Osho Kundalini Meditation Technique Step 4:

This is a section in which you unwind. lie down, close your eyes and meditate for 15 minutes.

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If you enjoyed these dance meditations, you’ll love our guide to dynamic and dance meditation techniques. Take a look.

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