Quick Guide To Traditional Dance Meditation — Osho Style


We are now giving lessons in the dance meditation in Hamilton Ontario. On this page we’ll share an introduction to the dance meditation technique instructions and discuss the benefits of the dance meditation technique.


Why use the Dance Meditation Technique?

Dynamic meditation (movement meditations) have become popular over the past couple of years for a variety of reasons. Firstly, be combining dance with meditation you get the best of both worlds: the relaxation of meditation and the exercise of dance.

Another excellent benefit of dance meditation is that it is a powerful way of heightening the mind body connection. When you perform dance meditation you connect body and mind.

Finally, my personal favourite benefit of dance meditation is that it is the number one way of breaking out of old habits. Too often in life we get stuck in ingrained mental habits. When you perform a dance meditation you let go of everything, live in the moment and release old habits.

How to do dance meditation Technique

Dance meditation is fairly easy to begin though it is best done with a teacher. Here’s a simple guide to beginning dance meditation.

1)      Stand up and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing (breathing meditation) for five minutes to relax.

2)      Now focus on your body. Meditate on the sensations in your body. You will find that your body naturally wants to move. Go with it. Allow your body to move as it wants to. Open your eyes as you begin to move.

3)      After ten minutes begin to get more and more into the dance until you are moving quite actively. Continue to focus on your body while you dance. Dance for twenty minutes with or without music, whichever you prefer.

4)      Shake out any tension and lie on the floor. Meditate on your surroundings for five minutes.

This is a simple introductory dance meditation.

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