Yoda Meditations: Yes, You Actually Can Use Jedi Meditation Techniques

Yoda meditations are real.  You actually can use Jedi meditation techniques in real life. Here is absolutely everything you need to know. 

Yoda’s meditation techniques are real. And I want to let you in on a secret. It was Star Wars that made me get into meditation in the first place. We can agree that Star Wars is the most inspiring movie of all time, right? And that it changed our lives when we watched it. Well, for me, Star Wars got me to be a writer and it got me to start meditating. And I would like to pass on what I’ve learnt to you, like Yoda passes on what he’s learned to Luke.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate hate leads to suffering.” “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Great quotes. But they’re not just pop culture. Jedi Master Yoda’s meditations truly matter. 

You don’t need a masters degree in philosophy or spirituality to know that Yoda’s philosophy comes from Zen Buddhism (as does much of the Jedi code). Let’s take a look at the famous Yoda speech in The Empire Strikes Back, referring to the Jedi Master’s quotes to see how meditation plays a pivotal role in the Jedi order. Then we’ll look at how to learn meditation online so we, like Jedi Master Yoda, can use meditation to become stronger individuals.


Yoda Quote 1: “My ally is the force.” But what is the “Force”?

As Yoda says, “My ally is the force. . .” But what is the force?

A great many spiritualities refer to the “force.” The Universal Life Force is seen in numerous spiritualities and in alternative medicine. The life force is the primordial energy of life. Energy creates life, makes things grow. Without energy there is nothing. The first key to Yoda’s advice, then, is recognising this central energy of life and using it to our advantage. That is the basis of Yoda’s philosophy and the basis of Jedi meditation techniques (and Sith meditation techniques too).

It doesn’t matter whether you view energy in the spiritual, religious, scientific or Jedi way. All that matters is that we recognise that energy is the beginning of everything. If we are to be strong people, we must recognise energy and utilise the power of energy in our lives.


Yoda Quote 2: “You must unlearn what you have learned.” This quote is one of the msot important parts of Yoda’s meditation techniques, mindfulness and philosophy.

This is one of the harder Yoda quotes to understand, at least for those who have not attended meditation school or done a degree in philosophy or a similar subject. Yoda doesn’t really explain what he means by this quote in the films, so, what’s it all about?

Knowledge is a paradox. The things that we have learned can be a great ally. After all, without learning we would not be able to perform tasks or complete jobs successfully. Without learning we wouldn’t even know our own names. And yet, the things we know limit us.

To explain how the things we learn limit us, let me explain my mode of thinking just before writing this article. I wanted to merge my love for Star Wars with my love for meditation. But how? I’d learned that meditation was a serious thing pertaining to spirituality. Star Wars is a movie, a piece of pop culture. The nature of the two subjects is highly divergent. But perhaps what is most magical about Star Wars is the fact that Jedi mediation techniques and Sith meditation techniques merge real world spirituality with popular culture. After all, the reason we’re all drawn to Jedi Master Yoda’s philosophy is because it is true and real.

It was only by unlearning meditation and unlearning Star Wars that I was able say to myself, “Well, maybe meditation doesn’t have to be serious. Maybe Star Wars doesn’t have to just be a movie.” By letting go of what I had learned I was able to see the chance to bring my two loves together. By unlearning your understand of something, you come to see that thing in a new light. “You must let go” Jedi master Yoda says to Luke when he’s teaching him Jedi mindfulness and philosophy on Degoba. I myself had to let go too.

When we learn to meditate, we realise that the things we have “learned” are just thoughts in our head. They are not reality but rather one way of looking at reality. Meditation quite literally allows to, as the yoda quote says, “unlearn what we have learned.” We are then able to see things in a new light.

Yoda Quote 3: “Luminous beings are we”

In this Yoda quote, Yoda explains to Luke that we are not this “crude measure” but that we are “luminous beings.” But what is our luminous being?

Luminous means “lit-up”. Yoda is saying we are made of light. So, put into layman’s speech, Yoda is saying “We are not are bodies, we are light.” Our light is our awareness. A human being, at the very centre of their existence, is awareness. Right now you are looking at this website. Looking is the very centre of your being. Looking is luminous because you are casting a light—at this moment, you are casting a light on this website. And that is the central mode of human existence.

But what does looking have to do with meditation? As our online meditation course has shown, meditation is about pure awareness. To meditate on something is to see that thing in its purest sense. To meditate on this website, for instance, is see it as precisely what it is. It is not “good” or  “bad” or “beautiful” or “ugly” or anything else, it is just what it is: THIS.

Be meditating we uncoil the web of delusional thought and see the world in purest light: in purest luminosity. By meditating we let go of the “crude measure” and become the “luminous being.”


On our next page we will be looking at how Darth Vader fails to find his “luminous being” until the very end of Return of the Jedi. Of course, you could always begin our 100% free online meditation training right now. By learning meditation in our free online meditation course you’ll come to see exactly what all those Yoda quotes are about.
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