Life After Death: How Consciousness Exists Without the Body

 When the body dies at the end of its life all that is left is the consciousness; that innermost essence of man. At death, our consciousness will become one with the universal consciousness. But how?

How does life After Death work?

Consciousness is like a radio or a TV. Radio and TVs have physical bodies. They exist as a physical object. The TV and the radio, however, are just a vehicle for the message being transmitted. Images and sound are transmitted through TV and through radio, but they also exist in their own sense: as signals.

Take away the radio and the TV and you still have the signal. The signal still exists, it is simply not connected to the physical aspect of the TV / radio anymore.

The signal is no longer being received by one isolated object (the body / radio). Now, it is one with the ether.

When our bodies die, our consciousness—our signal—still survives, it is simply not connected to our physical body anymore. Our consciousness becomes as a ship without anchor: awash in the ocean that is the universe.


Our consciousness, no longer directed to our body, becomes one with the atmosphere.

This is how Life After Death works. Our consciousness is cast adrift on the ocean of the universe.



Paul Martin Harrison

Im on a mission to spread spirituality and enlightenment. How? By writing and teaching. You guys asked me to write a book that will teach you how to meditate properly and how to find enlightenment. Guess what? The book is out now. It's called Welcome To Silence : A Practical Guide To Mindfulness And Meditation.

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