Life Lessons Quotes: The Best Quotes about Life to Learn From

In this article we’ll be looking at the best life lessons quotes from famous people. We’ll also discuss the life lessons of each quote.

Life Lessons Quotes: The Best Quotes about Life to Learn From

Life Lessons Quote 1:  Life. It’s about being beaten by bigger and bigger things.  – life quote by Rilke

Life Lesson from the Quote: This quote is excellent because a certain amount of defeat is inevitable in life. Instead of being beaten by one thing and giving up, go after something even bigger! Keep aiming higher and higher.

Life Lessons Quote 2: The price of something is the amount of life it costs you.  – life quote by Henry David Thoreau

Life lesson from the quote: Forget about money. Life is its own economy. If something takes little time but grants much it is profitable. If something takes lots of time but grants little it is too expensively priced.

Life Lesson Quote 3: In the depths of winter finally I found inside myself an invincible summer – Life quote by Albert Camus

Life lesson from the quote: People are always afraid of bad thing, but in truth it’s the bad things we go through in life that build our strength. Ask anyone who has overcome severe depression, or who has fought and beaten a disease, and they will tell you that overcoming the “winter” let them to finding a new level of strength in themselves, a new “summer.”

Life Lesson Quote 4:  Life. It’s 10% what happens and the other 90% is how you react to what happens. — life quote by Charles R Swindoll

Life lesson from the quote: We may not be able to control everything. Bad thing we inevitably happen at times. But what we can master is our reaction to bad events. By learning to keep inner peace, faith and calmness we can ensure that even the worst of times are comfortably overcome thanks to our positive reactions.


Life Lesson Quote 5: Kindness is my religion – life quote by the Dalai Lama

Life lesson from the quote: Too many people focus on what they get and what happens to them. It is much more positive to think instead of what we can give to others. Spend less time thinking of yourself and more time thinking about others. This will lead to more happiness and life satisfaction both for yourself and for those around you.



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