How To Live Consciously In The Present Moment

Do you know how to live consciously in the present moment? Conscious, present moment mindfulness is wonderful for your health.  In this guest post Shayan Carlson shares 7 tips for a conscious life.



When you’re a child, 30 minutes seem to be an eternity. When you’re an adult, 30 minutes fly right by. Adults pay more attention to time, and yet it flashes past their eyes.


Children are not familiar with routine: their days are full of emotions and discoveries. Adults have lost interest in those discoveries and emotions. They do not want to pay attention to the world around them. They concentrate on their inner problems, often living unconsciously, their whole lives a routine.


Conscious living is what makes people reflect on their lives and remember moments, the good and the bad. So let’s see what you can do to make your existence more enjoyable:


How to live a conscious life by staying in the present moment



1.Slow down


We live in a world where everyone’s constantly in a hurry. We only care about the duration of time a task requires and the resources we need to put in, but we usually do not notice the process itself. We are always rushing somewhere.


In our fast-paced world, people are required to perform every task as quick as they can, making as little mistakes as possible. Focusing on not making mistakes is one of the many things that keeps people from living in the moment.


Try to slow down. Give yourself permission to do things a little slower. This will eventually allow you to focus more on feelings you have while doing something. Try to follow this advice for a bit and you’ll notice how much you’re missing every day when your robot mode is on. And if you’re still afraid of loosing your precious time – don’t worry, you’ll probably even save some by not correcting mistakes you’ve made in a rush.


Here’s an example I think you’ll find very relatable: every morning you do the same things – wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and rush into work or school. Some people are lucky to work in a walking distance, some have a long drive ahead of them. You usually take the same route, don’t you? And when it comes to season change – you sometimes notice that all the leaves fell off from the trees. And don’t say it never happened to you. It used to happen to me a lot because I was so bogged down in my everyday routine I stopped noticing things like that because I didn’t think they were important.



2. Do one thing at a time


Of course, you want to do everything and be successful in every field possible, be at the top of your class or an employee of the month. But it’s important to not chase after another ‘’very important achievement’’ because at the end of the day none of this matters.


Be honest with yourself: You won’t be able to succeed at anything if you’re constantly juggling ten things at a time, and therefore not being good at any of them. Learn to prioritize. Find something you enjoy doing and your chances of success will skyrocket. Love what you do, do what you love – so simple, but so important to remember.  Choose quality over quantity and you’ll soon notice how much better you feel and how much more you’re aware of your actions.



Remember that you have your own pace and don’t compare yourself to others. A lot of people struggle with this, but once you realize that life isn’t only about constant competition, you’ll be a much happier and confident person overall.





3. Be present in the moment


The secret of conscious living lies in the ability to be present in each moment of your life. Perhaps the brightest example of this is the understanding that you are happy right here and right now.


Usually, when you ask someone to remember their happy moments, they tell something along the lines of “oh yes, I remember a year ago when I was happy, I wish I could bring this time back”.


The common problem we all have is we don’t feel happy in the moment. Only after some time have passed do you start to look back on the happy times you had at some point in your life. Being present in the moment takes a lot of practice, but pays off.



4. Deal with negative emotions


Your life is too short to spend it on negative emotions. Hate, loathing, anger − these are the emotions that turn your conscious living into an uncontrolled process. You can no longer control what you feel, what you think and sometimes even your own actions. Find the way to deal with anger and irritability. Practice morning meditations, swim to reduce stress or take boxing classes − get rid of the negative energy and open your life to conscious and positive feelings.

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5. Take time for yourself


There is no need to work hard all the time. You are a living being not a robot and you need to have time for yourself. Take 5 or 10 minutes a day to do nothing. Just sit and try to focus on your thoughts. These small pauses during the day will help you better understand what is going on in your head, letting your brain cool off and unwind from a permanent tension. While taking these small breaks you become more open to conscious living.



6. Past stays in the past


Conscious living is all about living in the present moment. Not letting go of the past will always draw you back. By thinking about your previous actions you do not leave yourself a possibility to grow. Of course, it’s important to learn from your previous experiences, but it’s also important to let things go and move on to something new and exciting.

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7. Deal with the problems


If you think something is going in the direction you don’t want it to go, you have all the power to change it. Stop hoping for problems to resolve by themselves. They won’t. They’ll get worse and you’ll eventually spend more time on them than you would in the first place. Every man is the architect of his own fortune.




You can make your living conscious by following these 7 simple recommendations. They require no time or money. You just need to keep them in mind and implement them into your lifestyle. Soon you will notice that your life has changed, and you’ll finally be in control of it


Shayan Carlson is a freelance blogger and marketing enthusiast who loves to write about education, lifestyle and traveling. He writes for  EssayStorm



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