Guard Yourself From These Brutal Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem

What are the symptoms of low self esteem?

Take a look at this list of low self esteem symptoms. Check how many of them you have. And use the suggested materials to help alleviate the any problems you may have.

NOTE: I refer to a lot of meditation techniques in this list. If you would like to know how to do those techniques, take a look at my guide to the different types of meditation.


Fear: The basic foundation of low self esteem is a lot of fear. If you have low self esteem you will find that you are very prone to fear and anxiety. You may fear that there is something wrong with you (without any evidence thereof). And you may fear that something bad is going to happen, even though there is no reason for such thinking. Because people with low self esteem are often afraid, they may withdraw from situations because they fear something bad will happen.

The Cure: Read our guide to overcoming fear in life.


Self Esteem Attacks: Many people who suffer from low self esteem often think they have panic attacks. But actually, what you think is a panic attack is often a self esteem attack. These are related to feelings of depression.  Self Esteem Attacks usually occur when you think you have done something wrong. For instance, you may feel that you have said something stupid or that you have behaved in an inappropriate way. This then leads to feelings of self loathing. You may try to remove yourself from other people and to be quiet for abnormal periods of time, or you may choose to stay in either a bad relationship or a bad job because you think it is what you deserve.

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Putting Up With Unfair, Abusive, Or Negative Relationships Or Situations

We all have that one friend who is in a negative job or a negative relationship. And we just do not understand why they don’t change the situation. But the reason that they don’t change is because they believe that they do not deserve to be better. Many people with low self esteem believe that they do not deserve to be happy. And if they believe that they do not deserve to be happy, then they believe that they deserve to suffer negative situations. That is why they stay in bad relationships and bad jobs. So if you are in a bad relationship or a bad job and you think you should leave but do not, then it may be a symptom of low self esteem.

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Depression: One of the most common low self esteem symptoms is depression. In fact, one of the most common causes of depression is low self esteem. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough, then inevitably you are going to end up feeling depressed. Low self esteem can also make it feel like you have depression for no reason.

The Cure: Start to feel good about yourself. And change negative self beliefs that are holding you back.


Materialism: One symptom of low self esteem that is often missed is materialism. People with low self esteem often base their opinions of themselves on the amount of money they make or the amount of money they spend. That’s why people with low self esteem symptoms are sometimes addicted to shopping and also may measure success on money.

Cure: Develop a sense of self worth that is based on you, your personality, your personal values, rather than on money and materialism.


Lack of Assertiveness: Because people with low self esteem lac confidence they also lack assertiveness. They may be deeply afraid of upsetting others or of doing something that is inappropriate or offensive. Because they lack assertiveness they are likely to keep their emotions inside, which causes their emotions to grow out of control. This can then lead to a blow-up.

Cure: The way to become more assertive is to take control of your emotions so that you know when and how to release your anger and other emotions in a healthy way. And try reading my article on How To Become Super Confident.



Overly Sensitive: People with low self esteem genuinely feel badly about themselves. So whenever somebody says something negative to them, they take it as a validation of their negative thoughts. For instance, if a friend is momentarily angry at them and say, “Oh, you’re so stupid”, a person with low self esteem will take it seriously and will presume that the offense is meant and is warranted. In other words, they take everything too seriously, which leads them to being easily upset.

Cure: Take our test for overly sensitive people. And learn why being a highly sensitive person can be a good thing, when you know how to handle it.


Low Self Confidence: One of the most common low self esteem symptoms is a lack of self confidence. This lack of self confidence can manifest in aggression and in underachievers.  Again, because people with low self esteem have low confidence they are far more likely to stay in bad jobs or in bad relationships.

The Cure: Use our guide to developing self confidence.



Negative Thoughts:  One of the most common symptoms of low self esteem is negative thoughts. This is also one of the easiest symptoms to spot. Essentially, a person with low self esteem is always thinking negative things about themselves. But this does not mean that all negative thoughts are related to self esteem. Many negative thoughts are entirely healthy. It is natural to thing negatively about yourself when you make a grievous error. However, dwelling on negativity is not normal. People with low self esteem may obsess over one or two negative thoughts. For instance, a person who is overweight may dwell on their weight and may obsessively think about how fat they are. They will then downplay all their successes because “I’m still fat”. Such obsessive negative thinking is a key symptoms of low self esteem.

Cure: Read my guide to Negative Self Talk so you know when your thinking negatively. And you can also use these techniques to silence negative thoughts.



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