Use These Mantras For Fear And Become Invincible

These powerful mantras for fear are guaranteed to help you overcome fear. They are the best way how to remove fear from your mind. You should try them today



The Buddha said that the root cause of all suffering is the need to distance ourselves from the present moment. The main reason we separate from the present moment is fear.

By learning the powerful mantras for fear that I’ll share with you shortly, you will learn to remove fear from your mind. This will create a deep sense of inner calm. It will empower you to live mindfully and in the moment.

There are many different mantras for fear, from proverbs, from Buddhism, from Hinduism and more. To begin with, I’d like to share some precious hand chosen non-religious and non-spiritual mantras.




Non-Religious Mantras for Fear

“I liberate my mind from fear and negativity.”

“I do not listen to fear in my mind.”

“I am fearless and immovable.”

“I embrace hope, love and optimism.”

“I am an optimistic and hopeful person.”



Okay, so those are some non-spiritual mantras for fear. Now time for the one mantra that will liberate your mind from fear. 

The one mantra that will make you master all fear…



 om shoun shokvinashibhyam Namaha

Are you ready to become a master of fear? If so, close your eye, sit on the floor in a dark room with your legs crossed in lotus position, take up a mala, and recite this mantra 108 times right now. You will master fear.


These mantras are the best way how to remove fear from your mind. Try them today and let me know how you get on.

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This is a guest post written by Raji Singh.


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