Recite This Shabar Mantra And Fortune Will Fall At Your Feet

Today I was discussing with a friend how fantastic it is that so many Indian men and women are making it big here in the west. It’s thanks to the rising Indian influence in the West that spirituality is truly taking off right now. Only a couple of decades ago if you discussed a mantra or meditation over here people would think you were mad. But as Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a changing.”

Buddhism and Hinduism are becoming bigger and bigger in the West, with celebrities like Russell Brand and Julia Roberts helping to introduce non-Hindus to the religion. Personally I think that’s a fantastic thing, because the more openly we discuss different beliefs and religions the better.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with one of my Hindu friends. He told me all about a couple of fascinating mantras that are said to bestow fortune on people. There are two different mantras that my friend introduced me to. Let me share them both with you.


Mantra for Luck 1 : From Indian Scriptures

The first of these “Luck mantras” comes from Indian scriptures.  It’s said that reciting this mantra will bring great luck. I tried it yesterday. I haven’t noticed any staggering effects yet, but these things do take time. My friend Rita says she used it one year ago and the next week she found a new job working as a teller for a bank. That job paid twice as much as her previous job.  She said she wasn’t surprised because she’d heard that this mantra makes a powerful different in business and careers.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting both the mantra in a picture for you. Feel free to save these to your own computer.

For the first mantra, you need to recite it 108 times each day. Here is the mantra.


Mantra for Luck 2 : Shabar mantra Sadhana

The second mantra is “Shabar mantra Sadhana.” It is said to bring unexpected and sudden wealth and fortune. Traditionally, people would use this mantra while sitting on deer skin on a river bank under a Kanak Champa tree. They’d recite it 100000 times in 21 days.



So, there we are. I truly am blessed to have such amazing friends to share these things with me. Thanks so much guys.


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