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Spells and Mantras for Luck and Good Fortune with Money and Life


On this page I’ll be sharing some very powerful mantras for luck and good fortune with money, life, relationships and more. First of all, however, I’d like to share a personal story that illuminates how powerful these mantras can be.

The Story of a Friend’s Finances

As a meditation teacher I  have personally taught mantras to many different people. Some friends, some family, and many students. But one person comes to mind when I think about mantras for luck. I want to respect his privacy, so I’ll just call him Mr Y (from the book  The End of My Y — fantastic story by the way).

My Y was precisely the sort of guy who always talked about how unlucky he was. He had reason to. He didn’t have any money, he was in a relationship but he wasn’t particularly happy with it, and he found himself somewhat “drifting” through life, not achieving much, always thinking of the future, never focusing on the present moment.

One day Mr Y came to me and said “I have to do something about this.”

“About what?” I asked.

“This.” He held his hands out wide as though to reveal his destitute state. “I’m so darned unlucky.”


I bit my lip to keep myself from saying what I really wanted to say. Truth was, Mr Y wasn’t unlucky. Sure, he wasn’t rich, but not many people are. There was enough going on in his life for him to be happy about, and the fact that he was focusing on the negative told me one thing: his mind was in the wrong place. “Okay,” I said, “I know a couple of things that might help you.”

I started to talk to Mr Y about mantras. He laughed– he’s not a spiritual guy, which is fine, it just makes things a little more challenging for me. A few days later I taught him the Shabar mantra (I’ll share it with you in a sec). He sat down crossed legged and began to recite the mantra. I was impressed to find that he recited for a whole hour right there and then (most people who are new to mantras start reciting them, laugh, then say its “Stupid,” only to come back later.”

I told Mr Y to recite the mantea every day for 21 days. He did. Then on the 22nd day he came to me and said “Nothing has changed.” At first I was disappointed, but then he added, “but that’s okay. I never used to realise how much I had to be thankful for.”


And THAT marked a miraculous transformation, because he now saw his luck. And once you begin to see your luck you begin to get more luck. For My Y, those 21 days weren’t a miracle, but they were a very important period of personal transformation.


So, what mantras did Mr Y use? What are the mantras for luck and good fortune?



Mantra for Luck 1 : From Indian Scriptures

The first mantra for luck comes from Indian scriptures.  It is said that reciting this mantra for luck will make opportunities open themselves up to you. This mantra provides a powerful catalyst for business, trade and other areas.

It is recommended that you recite this mantra fir luck 108 times each day with sincerity.


Mantra for Luck 2 : Shabar mantra Sadhana

This Shabar mantra Sadhana is said to bring unexpected and sudden wealth and fortune. Traditional use of this luck mantra has the individual sitting on deer skin on a river bank under a Kanak Champa tree.  It is to be recited 100000 times in 21 days. Clearly, this mantra for luck requires dedication.


Buddhist Mantra for Good Luck

This Buddhist mantra for good luck is said to destroy all disasters and to create conditions which are conducive to success.

English mantras for luck

You may wish to use a simple English mantra for luck. In this case you can choose your own mantras, finding words that you personally believe in. For instance, “I open myself to opportunity” and “May I have good fortune” work perfectly well. It is best to meditate and recite these mantra to yourself for around 10 to 20 minutes. Make sure that whatever mantra you use, it feels positive when you say it.

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