Mantras For Kids: A Guide For Enlightened Parents

  What are some of the best mantras for kids, and how can you teach kids mantras?


If you’re a parent and are trying to introduce your children to mantras, then I’m guessing you have quite a lot of experience in meditating.

If not, no problem, simply read our ultimate  guide to meditation for beginners.

But if you do have a lot of meditation experience, you’ll probably agree with me that meditating with mantras is a simply wonderful activity.

It’s especially fantastic when you need to calm down after a long and stressful day. Simply chanting “Om” those 108 times is a guaranteed recipe for relaxation. I’ve previously written a huge guide to all the most popular and important mantras in the world, and I really do think you’ll find it helpful.


Today I want to talk about mantras for kids.

Modern society is a stressful time for children. We live in such a competitive, results-focused, high pressure age that it can be hard for children to remain calm and relaxed. And the over stimulation of media, with TV, games, and movies, can make it very difficult for children to meditate too. That’s one reason why I wrote my extensive guide to teaching children to meditate. In fact I recommend you read that guide (the link I just shared with you) before continuing with this page.

There are many mantras for kids, and choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge as it depends what you hope to get out of the experience. Are you helping your child to find happiness, relaxation, focus… there are so many different aims. Where do we begin?

Well, to start with you might like to read my beginners guide to mantras. That will teach you everything that you need to know about mantras before you start to teach your kids.

Read that link? Great. So how do you teach mantras to kids?

Personally I think the best place to start using mantras for kids is by creating focus. Because let’s be honest, without focus we’re not going to get very far.


Focus mantra for kids

To help your kids to focus begin by using “Om.” Om is a very important mantra for spiritual reasons (it is the sound of origin) but it is also one of the simplest sounds to make. You’ll probably find it helpful to create a musical game around this mantra. Personally I use a piano and go up and down the scale, singing “Om.” That creates a simple and fun game that helps kids to focus on the mantra. Try doing this for around five minutes before moving on.

You will find it useful to print of the colouring page on the right and to have your kids colour it while reciting the mantra. This will help them to focus, and they also get to learn the symbol for “Om.” Simply click the image for full size and then print.





A fun mantra for kids – “Let it go” (with reference to Frozen)

Kids love Frozen. I mean, they really really really love it. And a lot of adults do too. Personally I wasn’t too blown away by it (I’ll take Bambi or Bolt any day). But there is one part of the movie I talk about every week: Let it go.

If you’ve not seen Frozen, “Let It Go” is the title track. I use these lyrics as a mantra (literally just the “Let it go” part, not the rest of the song). These three words are perfect for teaching children to let go of their thoughts and their feelings and to lie in the moment.

You can also use this colouring page. Ask the kids to colour it while they recite “Let it go.” This adds some fun and makes the mantra more enjoyable for them.





A positive mantra for kids: The Pond

An author on the 100 Hours Foundation website (which has some absolutely fantastic resources) shared a fantastic story. A preschool teacher tells a story about fish swimming around a pond. There’s a sad fish, an angry fish, an excited fish, a happy fish, and so on. The teacher asks the students to close their eyes and imagine the fish swimming around them. Then the teacher says “Be the pond.”

Be the pond.

You can find the story on pages 13 and 14 of this presentation on 100 Hours Foundation.

The first time I read that story I was extremely impressed by how poignant a story it is for kids. It so perfectly illustrates the relationship between consciousness and thoughts and feelings. And really it is remarkable. Concepts like consciousness and emotions are often expressed in grand exegeses. This story cuts straight to the point. And it is so simple to understand. Truly fantastic stuff.

When teaching this story to your children say to them, “We forget we’re the pond. Sometimes we think we’re the angry or sad fish. But we are always the pond.” And then say “Be the pond.”

Once you’ve introduced the story, ask your kids to recite the mantra “Be the pond. Be the pond.” I find this helps to get them to remember the moral of the story.

Another Positive Mantra for Kids – “I am happy, I am good”

One of the best mantras for kids is what I call the “’lil’ yogi mantra”. It goes like this

I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good,

Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Sat Naam Jee

Wha-Hay Guroo, Wha-Hay Guroo, Wha-Hay Guroo Jee

While singing this mantra the kids should shake their fingers up and down. I’ve shared a video below to make this easier to understand.

You can find very many more mantra in our complete mantra collection (which contains literally hundreds of mantras for all different purposes. Take a look). 

And that’s it, the four best mantras for kids. I hope you find this truly helpful. Thanks for reading.


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