How To Teach Mantras To Your Kids [TUTORIAL]

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There are many great mantras for kids to learn. In this guide we’ll show you how to teach them.

If you’re a parent and are trying to introduce your children to mantras, then I’m guessing you have quite a lot of experience in using mantras yourself.


If you’re new to mantra take a look at my free Ultimate Guide To Mantras. It will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about mantras so you can teach your kids them successfully.

Once you know enough about mantras yourself, it is a great idea to start to teach mantras to kids.

Here’s why.


The Compelling Reasons Why Parents Should Teach Kids Mantras

Modern society is stressful for children.

We live in such a competitive, results-focused, high-pressure age that it can be hard for children to remain calm and relaxed.

The over stimulation of media, with TV, games, and movies, can make it very difficult for children to meditate too.

That’s one reason why I wrote my free guide to teaching children to meditate.

In fact I recommend you read that guide (the link I just shared with you) before continuing with this page.

Kids should know how to be mindful before practicing mantras. So have a look at that link before continuing.

So what mantras should kids learn?

There are many mantras for kids, and choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. It depends what you hope to get out of the experience.

Reasons to teach kids mantras:

  • find happiness
  • relax
  • focus
  • overcome stress
  • be compassionate?
  • behave better?

Make sure you know why you’re teaching kids mantras before you begin.

Let’s take a look at my favorite mantras for kids.


1. Focus mantra for kids

“Om” is the best mantra for focus. Period.

That’s true for both kids and adults.

Om is a very important mantra for spiritual reasons (it is the sound of origin) but it is also one of the simplest sounds to make.

What to do:

  1. Create a musical game around the mantra “Om”
  2. Get the kids together.
  3. Use an instrument (or sing) to go up and down the musical scale (move up and down in pitch).
  4. Sing “Om” on each note.
  5. Continue for five minutes.

This is a simple and fun game that helps kids to focus on the mantra.



  2. A fun mantra for kids – “Let it go” (with reference to Frozen)

Kids love Frozen.

I mean, they really really really love it.

And a lot of adults do too. Personally I wasn’t too blown away by it (I’ll take Bambi or Bolt any day). But there is one part of the movie I talk about every week: Let it go.

If you’ve not seen Frozen, “Let It Go” is the title track.

I use song’s lyrics as a mantra (literally just the “Let it go” part, not the rest of the song).

These three words are perfect for teaching children to let go of their thoughts and their feelings and to lie in the moment.





3. A positive mantra for kids: The Pond

Read the story below. We’re going to use it to build a mantra for kids.



A preschool teacher tells a story about fish swimming around a pond.

There’s a sad fish, an angry fish, an excited fish, a happy fish, and so on.

The teacher asks the students to close their eyes and imagine the fish swimming around them.

Then the teacher says “Be the pond.”

Be the pond.



The first time I read that story I was extremely impressed by how poignant a story it is for kids.

It so perfectly illustrates the relationship between consciousness and thoughts and feelings.

Concepts like consciousness and emotions are often expressed in grand exegeses. This story cuts straight to the point. And it is so simple to understand.

The pond lets all the fish swim within it. It accepts all things with equanimity. It is calmness and compassion personified.


  1. Get the kids sitting in a group
  2. Ask them to close their eyes
  3. Read the story above
  4. Ask them to open their eyes.
  5. Say “Be the pond”
  6. Remind them that they are the pond that lets all the fish swim freely.
  7. Ask them to recite the mantra “Be the pond” 50 times.

This is a  beautiful story and mantra. It teaches oneness and compassion in a gentle way.


4. Kids Mantra For Good Behavior – “I am happy, I am good”

One of the best mantras for kids is what I call the “’lil’ yogi mantra”.

It goes like this”

I am happy, I am good, I am happy, I am good,

Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Sat Naam Jee

Wha-Hay Guroo, Wha-Hay Guroo, Wha-Hay Guroo Jee

While singing this mantra the kids should shake their fingers up and down. I’ve shared a video below to make this easier to understand.

Checka teaches Radiant Child Yoga chant "I Am Happy, I Am Good!"

And that’s it, the four best mantras for kids.

I hope you find this truly helpful. Thanks for reading.

Please share so other parents and teachers can teach mantras too. Thanks.

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