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Teaching mantras to kids is one of the best ways to get them involved with culture, with spirituality and with religion. It can also be a great little game to play with them, having them remember various mantras, chants and other words. Of course, this is particularly important for religious families. It is however also beneficial to non-religious families. Teaching kids mantras and affirmations can be a fun way to get them thinking positively.

Every parent loves their kids. Most take them to sports events, to parties, buy them toys and games, and indulge them in many different ways. Yet surprisingly a lot of families don’t actually teacher their children mantras. This is a real shame.


Why teach mantras to kids / children

There are a great many different reasons why you might want to teach mantras to your kids. First of all , as I alluded to in the intro, mantras are a great way of getting kids into culture. These days, kids are too much at the influence of entertainment, media and celebrities. I don’t want to say too much about media and celebrity, but it goes without saying that it’s not necessarily a positive influence.

When you teach your kids mantras you give them a fun way of accessing culture, spirituality and (if it’s fitting for you) religion. Mantras can be fun. Of course, mantras are important and serious things, but you can make them fun for kids. You can have them learn the words and the songs and read them back to you or sing them. You can even make it a game if you wish to. Your child learns the mantras and has fun too.

The second reason you might want to teach mantras to kids is to teach them positivity. Whether you are using religious or non-religious mantras, there are positive message to learn. Hinduism, christianity and other religions include important lessons about humility, love, kindness and more. When you give a child a simple mantra, you provide them with a positive message that gets them thinking positively.

These are just a couple of the many benefits of teaching mantras to children.

So, if you want to proceed and teach mantras to your kids, how do you do it? We’ll cover that on the next page. 

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