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Mantras are usually seen in a spiritual light, with the recitation of wonderful phrases being a practice and many religions and spiritual practices. There is a very down to earth power behind mantras in that they develop our character in a specific direction. When we repeat the same phrases time and again, the words become a part of who we are. Reciting a mantra of gratitude, for instance, will make us a more grateful person.

You are what you think. This is the essential basis of all mantras. And with this in mind, mantras for kids are very powerful and teaching mantras to kids is a great practice of parents. By giving kids specific words to repeat, you encourage their personalities to develop in certain ways.

By teaching a child mantras about love and compassion, we teach them to be more compassionate and loving people. Of course, we do not want to teach kids difficult or complex mantras because, let’s face it, they simply aren’t going to understand them.

It is much better to teach kids very basic but positive mantras.

Here are some examples of great mantras for kids.

Example mantras for kids

  • “I give love and kindness to all”
  • “I am thankful for all I have”
  • “I feel happy and peaceful”
  • “I am good.”
  • “I am loved and loving.”

As you can see, the key here is simplicity. It is also very helpful to make mantras for kids fun. You can do this by turning mantras into little tunes or chants. Again, the simpler the better. Give a kid a simple and fun tune with positive words and they will repeat it time and again and be inspired by the positive words to develop in positive ways.

There is a great deal of power in mantra for kids. This is one simple and fun way in which parents can encourage their kids to develop in good ways.


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