7 Powerful Mantras That Will Protect Your From Everything, Even Death


There are many powerful mantras that you can use for protection.

I’ve been researching mantras for years now. And I’ve found some truly powerful mantras in that time.

Take a look at this amazing list of mantras used for health purpose (click) and you will see what I mean.

Today I’d like to share some of the most powerful protection mantras I’ve learned.

There are mantras for protection against evil. Mantras for protection against illness and death. Mantras that will help you overcome difficult times. There are even mantras that will remove enemies from your life.

I’ve learnt many of the best mantras from having taken a masters degree in Hinduism. And I’d like to share some of those mantras with you.

This is the best book on mantras by the way, if you are looking for one.  That’s one of my favourite spiritual books and I’ve used it for some spiritual healing on myself, so I’m sure it will help you too.

Now to share those protection mantras.

But be warned. Do not use these mantras lightly.


The Top Mantras To Protect You From Evil, Illness, And Even Death

Read my comprehensive guide to mantras (click)  before you use the mantras below. It’s full of valuable information you need to know.

You read that link, right? It’s important. Take a look now before continuing with this article.

Read it? Great. Now let’s look at the best protection mantras.

Durga Gayatri Mantra For Overcoming Obstacles and Enemies


The Durga Gayatri mantra for overcoming obstacles and enemies, which you can find in the image below, will remove sufferings from your life.

Goddess Durga is the Hindu mother of the universe and is infinitely loving to all her children. It is said that without the blessing of the Goddess Durga, nothing can be achieved in life.

How To Do The Mantra 

For This Mantra You Need:

A  Durga statue

In order to use the Durga Gayatri mantra for overcoming obstacles your must recite the mantra 108 times during sunrise every morning. You should be in front of a Durga

This mantra will create a protective aura around you and eliminate obstacles and enemies.

The Mantra Is:

”Aum Mahaa-Dhevyai Cha Vidmahe

Durgaayai Cha Dhimahee

Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath.”


Mantra translation:

”Om, Let me meditate on the goddess who is daughter of Kathyayana ,

Oh, maiden Goddess, give me higher intellect ,

And let Goddess Durga illuminate my mind.”

Rudrayamala Tantra Mantra For Destroying Enemies. Warning: POWERFUL!

The Rudrayamal Tantra mantra for destroying enemies is one of the most powerful black magic mantras for destroying enemies. Do not take this one lightly. You’ve been warned.

Did you know that there are some terribly powerful black magic mantras for destroying enemies. These mantras have been used for thousands of years to destroy enemies. People have used these black magic spells to eliminate other people in their lives and to crush competition.

One of the most powerful black magic mantras for destroying enemies is called the Stambhan mantra and it comes from the Rudrayamala Tantra book. Now let me warn you. This is a very powerful black magic mantra. If you end up using it, please do not use it lightly. Respect it, please.

Okay, warning done. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stambhan mantra, one of the most powerful Rudrayamala Tantra Mantras.

Firstly, the stambhan mantra  is a powerful way of stopping enemies. It is a rare mantra that is used to destroy the mind of anyone who would oppose you, anyone who is intentionally causing you harm, and anyone who is causing an innocent person to suffer. This mantra should ideally only be used by people who have been practicing the Aghori tantra for a long time.

Do not use this mantra lightly. This Rudrayamala Tantra Mantra Destroys Enemies And Is Very Potent

Write the mantra on a Bhojpatra. There is a fantastic Bhojpatra Writing Kit On Amazon.

The mantra is

om visvaaya naam gandharvalochni naami lousatikarnai tasmai vishwaya swaha

Chant the mantra 1000 times.

  • I do not endorse this mantra. And I do not recommend you use it. I am including it purely for educational purposes.



Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times

The Mahamritunjaya mantra for difficult times (which you will find below) is a powerful healing mantra popular in Yoga centres around the world. The Mahamritunjaya-Mantra-for-difficult times is used by many facing illness and obstacles. It is said that the mantra has helped many people.


Understanding the Mahamritunjaya Mantra for Difficult Times

The meaning of the Mantra for Difficult Times is “we worship Lord Shiva who is in supreme bliss and who sustains all beings. May Shiva liberate us from the cycle of birth and death and lead us to immortality.

The   Mantra for Difficult Times may be chanted while alone or in groups that should be sitting in a circle. The mantra is at its most powerful, however, when big groups chant it together. It should be recited on an empty stomach 108 times while holding a mala close to the heart. You might like to recite this mantra in front of a shiva statue.

The mantra is:

Om tryambakam yajaamahe
sugandhim pushthivardhanam;
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan
Mrityormuksheeya maamritaat.


“We worship the three-eyed one (Lord Shiva) who is fragrant (in a state of supreme bliss), and who sustains all living beings. May he liberate us from (the eternal cycle of birth and) death. May he lead us to immortality, just as the cucumber is released from its bondage (the vine to which it is attached).”








Bagalamukhi Mantra For Destroying Enemies


One of the most important hand gestures to learn is the Baglamukhi mantra, a mantra named after the Hindu goddess.

Baglamukhi is a Hindu goddess who is generally depicted in yellow. She is also known as “Pitambara Vidya.” The goddess is famous for protection against enemies and for destroying enemies to grant victory and acquire wealth.  Traditional worship of Bagalumurkhi uses yellow flowers, yellow clothes, a turmeric garland and a yellow seat. It is believed that by worshipping Bagalamurki one will eliminate all enemies.

Bagalamukhi Devi (Pitambara Maa in North India) is one of Hinduisms 10 great wisdom goddesses. Bagalmukhi is said to destroy the illusions, misunderstandings and enemies of a devotee.

The name Bagalamukhi stems from “Bagala” and “Mukha” which mean “Bridle” and “Face.” So the full name literally means “Bridle Face.” The name means “One with the face to control.” Bagalumukhi Devi represents the goddesses’ hypnotic powers.

Bagalumukhi has golden skin and wears a yellow dress and is adorned with a crescent moon. The golden thrown on which she sits is in the middle of an ocean of nectar and lotuses.

Most commonly, Bagalamukhi is depicted with a club in her right hand which she uses to attack demons. She uses her left hand to pull out the hair of demons. Bagalumukhi is the banisher of demons, which is why devotees worship her, so that she may destroy  their misfortunes and enemies.

Worship of Bagalmukhi is usually performed by using a specific mantra.

It is said that recitation of this mantra will cause Balamukhi to destroy the misfortune and enemies of the worshipper.

Worshippers recite the Beej mantra 1500 times a day for 45 days.

This mantra is best performed using a yellow rosary and yellow clothing.

If you do not have a yellow rosary, I recommend THIS ONE.

Worshippers traditionally offer yellow flowers, Diya ( an oil used for wicks), Pure Ghee and Agarbatti ( an incense).

The Bagalamurkhi Mantra

The Bagalamurki mantra is as follows. . .

!!Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarwdushtanam Wacham Mukham Padam

Stambhay Jihwa Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Hleem Om swaha!!

The Bagalamurkhi mudra means “Goddess, stop the speech and feet of my enemies. Destroy their intellect.



Evil Eye Protection Mantra For Removal Of Evil Eye

evil eye art

One of the best ways to protect against Evil Eye is with mantras.

They include Shaabri mantras that will destroy Drusth. These mantras are very powerful and have been translated from old Marathi script.

The Evil Eye is believed to cause injury and misfortune to the person it is aimed at. It is generally brought about for reasons of dislike or envy. There are many different kinds of talismans and mantras that can be used to remove the evil eye.

In arabic evil eye is also called “Ayn al hasud” and in Kurdish “Caw e zar.” There are many other names given to evil eye as it is a common belief shared between many different religions and cultures, each of which have their own names for evil eye, their own talismans and their own cures.

Because evil eye is said to cause much harm to people there are many different procedural measures used in different cultures to remove the evil eye. On the next page I’ll share some of the most powerful ways to remove evil eye.

Protection Mantras to Remove Evil Eye #1

 Om namo guru adesh thujha nave bhut pale pret pale khavis pale sab pale n pale guru ki Goraknath ki beed machichale guru ki sangat meri bhagat chale mantra ishwari vacha

This mantra to remove evil eye should be recited 7 times and sacred ash should be put on the forehead of the individual reciting the mantra. The mantra is recited in dedication to Ghorakhnath, a saint and reincarnation of Shiva who is the 2nd of the 9 masters.

Protection Mantras to Remove Evil Eye #2

Nadichaya palikede mangin ubhi, haati mithachi vati, drusth payavar utar ekaya ghosthi

While reciting this mantra the individual should have salt or ash in hand. The salt should be moved in a circular fashion and the body then thrown away.


Kundalini Yoga Mantra for Protection

kundalini yoga mantra for protection

Looking for a great mantra for protection? There are many, but the one I would like to share on this page is one of my personal favourites. This is a Kundalini Yoga mantra and is over 3,000 years old.

It is said that this Kundalini Yoga mantra will create protective light around the magnetic field, thus protection the practitioner.

The mantra for protection is: AAD GURAY NAMEH

Repeat the mantra three times for yourself, then three times for your kids, house and pets. This will protect each of these things.





 Sacred Mrityunjaya Mantra for Death- Rudra mantra

shiva three eyed one


Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

The Mrityunjaya Mantra for death (also called the Tryambakam Mantra and (Rudra Mantra)) is addressed to  “three eyed one”–Tryambaka– and can be translated as. . .

“We worship the three eyed one, Shiva, who is sweet gladness and fragrance of life, nourishing and restoring health, and leading us to thrive. As the cucumber weakens and gourd is freed from vine, likewise free us from attachment and death and do not withhold mortality.”

The Mrityyunjaya Mantra is a secret mantra, found by Rishi Markandeya, and is said to have been used by Sati when King Daksha cursed the moon.  It is also called the Rudra mantra and sometimes Mrita Sankivini mantra.

Mahamrityunjaya  mantra is the mantra for conquering death and will protect a person from threats and lead to an easy death at the end of life.

The Mahamrityunjaya  Mantra for Death



Gayatri mantra for enemies


I’d like to share with you a powerful Gayatri mantra that will offer self defense from would-be enemies. If you’re worried someone might attack you or in any way do you harm, this sacred mantra will offer divine protection. I learned this mantra from an online spiritual adviser who assures me that it does help.

The Gayatri mantra, which you will find below, is a Satvik Gayatri Mantra Sadhana that is not dependent on any extreme worshiping methods. In other words, it is completely safe to use. It is a less potent and safer version of this alternative and extremely powerful mantra

However, this mantra must be used only by those who are pure of heart.

The Gayatri mantra is extremely powerful and is used to stop enemies in their tracks. However, the mantra will only work on enemies who would otherwise hurt you. It is, in other words, a self defense mantra.  It is not possible to use this mantra on people who will not harm you.

The mantra is simple to use. Just recited the mantra below 108 times each day.




For more, read our complete guide to Mantras.


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