McDonalds Is Dying As The Public Chooses Health


70% of Americans are overweight. But if that figure seems depressing, have heart.  A silver lining is revealing itself.

McDonald’s has stated that its sales are down a whopping 4% in the U.S as the general public is beginning to choose healthier options. The fast food chain is fighting to change its public image, but it seems they just cannot overcome the wrong they’ve done to the world.

McDonald’s has seen lacklustre sales and declining profit month on month, and its share price continues to fall. In a press release Monday, McDonalds stated, “…consumer needs and preferences have changed. We need to evolve.”

They’re not kidding. Here’s a look at McDonald’s declining sales.


Newly appointed CEO Steve Eastbrook is taking over the golden arches and is looking to reinvent the food chain.

McDonald’s has announced that they will be majorly overhauling the company, which will mean new options on the menus. Recently McDonads attempted to reclaim the love of the general public with a “Loving” persona. A two week promotion in which customers could pay for items by hugging or fist-pumping employees recently ended.  Their next move is expected to be a “Build your own burger” option. McDonald’s is desperately trying to clean its tarnished reputation, but the reality is that years of harming customers through extremely unhealthy food has ruined them, and the people, rightly, aren’t about to forget it.

Maybe the reason the public won’t forgive McDonald’s is because of irresponsible practices, such as supporting factory farms which don’t let the hormone fed chickens breathe. Or perhaps it’s because they sourced low-quality, pesticide-treated crops for its dishes.

Or perhaps it’s because the food-like items on their menus contain more than seventeen ingredients that we can’t even pronounce (you know it’s healthy when you can’t pronounce it, right?).

But what’s for certain here is that the public is sick of choosing fast and extremely unhealthy food. They’re sick of companies like McDonalds selling them death-food.  Sorry, Ronald McDonald, but you’re really not all that popular a guy anymore.

The world is choosing health. And McDonalds is dying as a result.


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