Does Meditation Help Anxiety — Meditation, Anxiety and the Brain

As a meditation teacher I am often asked “Does meditation help anxiety?” The answer is a resounding YES! Meditation is immensely powerful at helping anxiety.

To understanding how meditation helps anxiety you have to understand meditation, anxiety and the brain.

does meditation help anxiety

How does meditation help anxiety?

Anxiety is the brain’s ingrained response to stressful situations. Our mind’s have learnt, over the years, to respond to certain stimuli by creating anxiety.

Let’s say you have a dentists appointment tomorrow. You don’t like the dentist–honestly, who does? So you’re sitting up at night worrying about going to the dentists tomorrow.

In your mind at this time are all sorts of thoughts and imaginings. You may see a certain vision of the dentist or imagine feeling pain in your teeth, or you may simply say to yourself “It’s going to hurt.” These are all mental patterns–things that habitually go on in our minds.

When you learn to meditate you learn to take control of these thoughts and imaginings. Essentially, meditation gives you the control to say “This [anxiety] is just a thought.” Once you realise that your anxiety is just in your mind you take control of it.

So, in a sense, meditation works as a brain management system. When you meditate you learn to take control of what’s going on in your mind and to eliminate the causes of anxiety.

This is how meditation helps anxiety.

So what’s the best way to treat anxiety with meditation? Click through to the next page and we’ll share the best meditation technique for anxiety.


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