Beautify With These Natural Techniques To Look Young [TUTORIAL]

What are the best techniques to look younger?

  • Looking young is not about creams.
  • Youthful skin isn’t about moisturizer.
  • A Youthful face isn’t about plastic surgery.
  • And a youthful body isn’t about spending hours in a luxury spa.

Although, I will say, if you do use creams I hope you are using natural creams that are not tested on animals.

The best way to look younger is by using the natural power of your body and mind

There are many powerful natural techniques that you can use to look (and feel ) younger. For instance, consider meditation. There are over 110 proven health benefits of meditation, including the fact that meditation makes you more attractive and more confident (and nothing makes you look young quite like a good bit of confidence and a bounce in your step).

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful figure with soft, smooth skin that glows. Imagine seeing long, beautiful hair with colour.  Imagine you, just a bit younger.

I want to share with you some of my personal favorite techniques for looking young. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re 34, like me, 67, like my mum, or even 80. You can look younger today and I will show you how.


Have people told you look old? Me too

If you’re like me, people will have told you that you’re looking old.

People have pointed out my hair, which is turning grayer with every passing day, My skin is starting to wrinkle in places. And I have crows feet that make my eyes look aged. Thankfully I don’t happen to care, partly because I’m a guy, partly because of my inner Zen, and partly because I can just use some great natural techniques to look younger. So no problem.

Perhaps you agree with me when I say that the best way to look beautiful and young is through natural means. I’m not exactly the type of man to get a manicure or pedicure. I’m much more the type of guy to try and eat healthy and naturally, to cut-out toxins, and to practice various spiritual techniques to look young, things like yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Those are practices that anyone can do, male or female, young or old, to look good every day.





You might be wondering whether you really can look younger. I want to prove to you in just ten minutes that yes, you can. 

The next ten minutes are going to completely change the way you feel about how you look. Over the next ten minutes you are going to prove to yourself that you can look younger using nothing but energy and positivity.

After this ten minutes exercise your entire opinion will change. If you’ve been thinking “I’m looking old and I can’t do anything about it” stop. Because this exercise will change your mind. But you have to commit ten minutes to it. That’s important. So, set a timer (you can use our free online timer), and do not stop this exercise until you hit ten minutes.


Here is the natural exercise that will make you look young in ten minutes

Note: I’m presuming you have tried meditating at least once before. If you’re brand new to meditation take a look at my guide to the basics of meditation, as well as the potential health risks of meditation. And then look at this beginners guide to how to meditate (it’s all free). 

Now simply follow these steps.

  1. OPTIONAL: To start with, take out your camera (or just look in a mirror) Take a selfie or how you look right now (or just remember). This is important because in ten minutes you’re going to have a before and after picture. And those pictures will show you how powerful this exercise is.
  2. So you’ve taken your selfie that will be your “before” pic.
  3. Put the phone down.
  4. Close your eyes (or, if you’re at work or somewhere you cannot close your eyes, just look straight forward focusing on nothing. Or put your hoodie on, which I personally do when I meditate on the bus).
  5. Breathe in ten times. And while you breathe in, ask yourself to relax.
  6. Follow your breath with your mind. (Just focus on your breathing)
  7. Breathe in. Now focus on your breath entering through your lips. Focus on that energy of your breath moving between your lips.  Ask your lips to relax. While you do this, very gently massage your lips.
  8. Now follow your breath from your mouth up to your nose. Feel your breath around your nose. Ask your nose to relax. Massage your nose.
  9. Feel your breath moving up to your eyes. Gently massage your eyes.
  10. Now feel your breath moving throughout your entire face and very gently massage your face.
  11. Continue this into your neck and then around your body.
  12. To clarify the process. You are breathing. Your mind is following your breath. And you are massaging your body.
  13. Continue for ten minutes.
  14. Now open your eyes.
  15. Take a selfie.
  16. Compare the selfie to the previous one. And do you see how you are looking fresher, more relaxed, healthier, and younger?



The exercise above helps you look young for several reasons.

Firstly, you are meditating, so you are relaxing. As you relax you help your body to find balance and you naturally improve your posture. That improved posture makes you look more elegant, more beautiful, and younger.

You are also massaging your body, which helps put energy into your skin and helps the energy flow around your body. So you are naturally invigorating your body.

You are also breathing more properly and more deeply. Improved air circulation will boost your health, helping you to look younger. And because meditation makes you look younger and also makes you more confident, your love life will take off and you’ll get more dates when you meditate. So, just a little tip for singles out there.

And all it took was ten minutes.

I’d love to see the selfies you took. Share them below! 


Four More Techniques to Look Younger

1 Face Yoga


Yoga is one of the very best technique to look younger. Not only does yoga calm your mind as you focus on your breathing, it also helps your skin and develops a healthy, toned and athletic body. While there are many different type of techniques,  the best techniques to loko younger are all about face yoga. Just watch this amazing video on face yoga. . .

[wpb-yt video=”2YrHQ7rgXZo”]


2: Dynamic Meditation

Dynamic meditation is a kind of movement technique in which you dance. Dynamic technique is excellent for developing your mind body connection, meaning it helps your health overall. It is also extremely relaxing, meaning it helps with releasing stress, which in turn helps eliminate skin problems.

This video explains the technique in full.



3: Breathing Meditations

By far the easiest meditation technique we will be looking at in this article is the breathing meditation, which is one of the best techniques to look younger. In this technique we simply focus our mind on our breath for twenty minutes at a time. This is immensely relaxing and calms the mind. Because it calms the mind it eliminates stress and the many complications associated with stress (acne, for instance). Simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing for twenty minutes and you will help your body to overcome health complications and will also leave yourself feeling revitalised.



4: Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art and is one of the best techniques to look younger. In Tai Chi we focus our minds on our body and move very slowly and gracefully threw different poses, similar to yoga but with less stretching. Tai Chi develops a gracefulness and ease to our movements, making us look more elegant, more energised and younger. I personally recommend practicing Tai Chi in the morning before going to work. It will wake you up, give you energy and make you look fantastic.

Use this 100% free guide to Tai Chi.


Beauty is already inside you. Letting it out is the key.

These techniques will let your inner youth shine through.

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Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.

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