Im Alive Today And Not Depressed Due To Mindfulness Training

In this guest post, Sarah Thompson shares her inspiring story of how mindfulness meditation therapy and meditation therapy saved her life.



A few years ago I was in danger of taking my own life.

I was severely depressed. I constantly, obsessively, had negative thoughts swirling around in my mind. They ranged from “You’re fat and ugly” to “Nobody like you”.

I still remember the pain I felt back then. I will remember it everyday of my life. It is like a permanent scar on my psyche. But it is also a reminder to me, a reminder of the power of meditation therapy and mindfulness therapy.

When my depression started I didn’t actually have a clue what to do about it. I just sat around watching a bunch of movies about depression, you know, movies with characters who were feeling how I was feeling.

Then I happened to read Welcome To Silence: A Practical Guide To Mindfulness And Meditation. I’d heard good things about it. I had tried many different kinds of therapy, from counselling to yoga. But none of it worked, and I have always been against pill popping so depression medication wasn’t a solution for me (I always try to exhaust the natural therapies before taking pills).

There was one moment when I was meditating that truly changed my life forever. That moment was when I realised that all those negative thoughts that were causing my depression were only in my mind.

It sounds obvious.

Of course thoughts are only in your own mind.

But the fact of the matter is that thoughts can dominate your life. When thinking “My life sucks” it can be extremely difficult to say to yourself, “That’s just a thought in my mind that has no bearing on reality.”

If you think about that I’m sure it will strike a chord with you. We all have some negative thoughts .It could be about our relationships, our weight, our health, our image, anything. Most of us allow those thoughts to dominate us. We think “I’m ugly” and we start to believe it and feel it. But when we take a step back and say, “Okay. That’s a thought. That’s just one way of looking at things. It isn’t reality, it’s just a construct of my own mind.” As soon as you realise that you can change the way you think.

With mindfulness you come to see your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts.  Once you see your thoughts for what they are, they stop having control over you and you can begin to change your mind, to think and to feel more positively.

By using mindfulness for depression I haven’t just overcome depression, I’ve found true and lasting happiness, and I’ve used my knowledge of mindfulness and meditation to help my friends, explaining techniques to them, because I know that we all suffer and that spiritual techniques have the power to end that suffering.

I hope this has perhaps inspired you or has made you think that you too can overcome the mental pressure.

Thanks for reading!

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Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.