How To Keep Your Mind Clear Despite What Microsoft Wants

There is one very easy way how to clear your mind. You don’t need to be monk to do it. And you dont need any skills. Use this technique to clear your mind today.


“A cluttered room begets a cluttered mind.” That’s not just an ancient Chinese proverb, it’s also scientific fact. Clutter is among the primary causes of mental disorders. A list of the side-effects of a cluttered environment include:-

  • Fatigue: Clutter barrages the mind with stimuli, forcing our senses to overwork
  • Clutter weakens our focus
  • Clutter makes it harder to relax
  • Clutter tells our brain that our work is never done
  • Clutter causes anxiety
  •  Clutter creates guilt and embarrassment as we believe we should be more organised
  • Clutter constrains creativity and productivity
  • Clutter frustrates us and causes stress

These side effects are not only caused by clutter in our room, but clutter on our computer and mobile devices too.



The average person spends eight hours a day on screens, including TVs, computers and mobile devices. The layout of those screens—whether they are cluttered and their overall visual design—plays a pivotal role in a person’s mental wellbeing. Our ability to keep our mobile devices and computers in order and free of clutter is of vital importance to our health.


Interesting Aside: Wondering whether it’s real worth the effort of keeping your room and devices perfectly organised? If so, you might be interested to hear an interesting personal story. I’d always been a poorly organised man, from the age of about sixteen to thirty one. Over the past month I cleaned all my clutter out, hoping to clear my mind. It worked. Not only did I feel more relaxed almost immediately, I also happened to quit smoking after years of trying. Was the quitting smoking just a coincidence? I honestly don’t know; it’s an interesting mystery, but it’s worth thinking about!

Sadly, it can be pretty difficult to keep our mobile devices and computers clutter free
. There’s just so much crap on them! The companies don’t help, either, always bundling tons of unnecessary software with our devices.

If you’re struggling to keep your devices in order, here are a few tips on how to clear your devices and how to clear your mind.


How to Clear Your Mind and Devices 1: Organisation

The organisation of your computer and devices should make it easy for you to access whatever you want with minimal clicks. Your desktop, for instance, should be organised into different folders. Mine, as a writer, is organised into Fiction / Non fiction; then Genre; then Publication and so on. With good organisation it’s a lot easier to quickly access what you need, and a less cluttered computer means a less cluttered mind.

How to Clear Your Mind and Devices 2: Get Rid of Crap

Crap. It’s everywhere. “Crap” is all those unessential apps and pieces of software on your computer and phone. The more useless junk you have on your systems, the more information your mind has to deal with. The more information your mind has to deal with, the more stressed you feel. Ask yourself, are all those apps and software packages that you haven’t touched for years really that important? Are they just distracting you? Is the clutter causing stress? Delete all the junk.


How to Clear Your Mind and Devices 3: Noise


I know tons of men who have pictures of beautiful, scantily clad women for their desktop wallpaper. Those same men often say, “I just can’t seem to focus.” Really?! I wonder why. Overtly sexual images are one kind of “Noise,” an overstimulation. Other noises include very bright colours, emotional images and anything else that causes overstimulation. It’s only going to distract your mind and add to your mental clutter. Make sure your computers and devices are conducive to relaxation and focus.

How to Clear Your Mind and Devices 4: Internet


We’re spending more and more time on the internet. That, in itself, is a bad thing. The constant flow of stimulation that is the internet is only going to clutter your mind. Some websites, however, are worse than others. Twitter and Facebook, for instance, are extremely unhealthy. The constant flow of information, the sheer amount of different faces; it all equates to mental clutter. That’s why Facebook has been proven to cause depression. Limit your use of these sites, and of other sites that are over stimulating.


How to Clear Your Mind and Devices 5: Choose Wisely

Choose your websites, your apps and your software carefully. Try to stick to those websites, apps and software packages that are well designed with a clear layout, a layout which is easy to follow and which isn’t cluttered.

Of course, you could just choose to not use your devices very often. But most people aren’t going to do that. By sticking to these five tips you’ll achieve clutter-free devices and clutter-free minds.



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