How To Do Nataraj Meditation Like Osho

Continuing our look at Osho meditation we now turn to Nataraj dance meditation technique, a dance meditation. Part of our free online meditation course.



Nataraj meditation is about forgetting the dancer and becoming the dance itself. The meditation is about connecting with the inner energy of the dance and allowing that energy to take you over completely. It is about forgetting “You” and becoming the dance.

Nataraj meditation must be thought of very differently to regular dancing. When we dance we are aware of ourselves, we are aware of the steps of the dance. Dancing is great, it’s a good way of keeping fit and getting healthy, but while we remain aware of ourselves and or the steps of the dance it cannot be considered meditation. Meditation only occurs when the person becomes one with the dance.

It is important to move the body in a fun and playful way when practicing Nataraj meditation (as with most dynamic Osho meditations). Here’s how to do it.



Osho Nataraj Meditation Instruction: How to do the dance meditation

The Osho Nataraj meditation lasts for 65 minutes and has three stages.

Stage 1: Stage 1 is the longest stage and should last 40 minutes. In this stage you must dance with your eyes closed. Allow you unconscious to completely take control. Make sure that you are not controlling your movements and that you are not aware of the steps. Just dance. Become one with the dance.

Stage 2: 20 minutes

The next stage is done lying down and meditating on everything. Meditate on your body and on the environment. Be still and silent.

Stage 3: 5 minutes

This final stage is a celebration. Let go, dance and have fun.

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