Psychological Weight Loss Tips That Made A Big Difference For Me

This guide reveals the best psychological weight loss tips that you can use to help you achieve your own weight loss goal. Get the body you’ve always wanted. Be beautiful and healthy in no time.

Deciding to lose weight is one of the best choices you can make. And one of the best ways to do it is with psychological techniques. And of all the best psychological tips for weight loss, meditation is number one.

Meditation is a natural and healthy way of losing weight. And it’s also one of my personal favorite alternative weight loss techniques.

Unlike weight loss pills and diets (fads), meditation puts YOU in control of your weight loss. It’s a way to use your mind to lose weight. And in my experience it is the very best psychological weight loss technique.  how do we use meditation for weight loss?


Throughout this article I’ll be leading you through a mental process. Throughout this process you will learn many different meditation techniques. The process takes under an hour. And it is one hour that will change the way you feel about weight loss and will actually get you to lose weight.

If other ways of losing weight have not been successful than you really should give this process your all. I want you to commit to it fully and to really focus as much as you can. And trust me, anything that I ask you to do in this process will pay off in the end when you are thin and healthy. Just imagine that perfect body you always wanted. Meditation can give you that.

I know this weight loss technique will work because it worked for me.



The psychological weight loss tips that worked for me.

When I was a teenager I was fat and overweight. And I heard all the insults. And at that age you know, those insults got to me. So I did something about it.

I chose that I would not live my life overweight. I would not allow myself to be fat my whole life. I would do anything to lose my tummy and to get thin. And I really did try everything.

I tried exercise, but that was hard because every time I went out to exercise kids would tease me. So I then tried dieting. But I had problems at home when I was a teen and so I comfort ate. And for a while I thought that losing weight was hopeless.

That attitude was a killer. You need the right attitude if you are going to lose weight. Because it has been proven that you cannot lose weight until you love yourself and forgive yourself (sounds ridiculous but it is a scientific fact).

So I started using my mind. Meditating changed my attitude. And with a different attitude I easily lost weight. I lose 30 pounds in one month.



You, too, can become thin fast. Commit to these psychological weight loss tips 100%.

During this process you are going to learn many mental technique that help you lose weight.

You’ll learn breathing meditations, zen meditation, buddhist meditation, visualisation meditation and more. It is important that you read each step carefully and perform the techniques NOW, while reading.

It will take about an hour in total but you can do it in chunks if you like, up to you. Either way, I want to ask you a favor. Do at least the first step right now. That is very important.

So, let’s start using our minds to lose weight.


Psychological weight loss tip 1: BREATHING MEDITATION

The best place to start any kind of meditation training is with breathing meditation. Breathing meditation is the
foundation on which all else is built. It is extremely important, but also really simple.

Here’s how you do it.

1)      Find a quiet meditation space free of distractions. Sit comfortably with good posture.

2)      Close your eyes.

3)      Focus you mind on your breathing.

4)      Thoughts will arise in your mind. Do not pay attention to them. Continue focussing on your breathing.

5)      Continue for ten minutes.

Your mind is now calm and clear. With this clarity of mind you can now begin to train yourself.




Psychological Weight Loss Technique 2: MINDFULNESS MEDITATION
In stage 1 you recognised that there are thoughts that interfere with your focus. These thoughts control your actions. At the moment you will often experience thoughts about food, maybe about junk food. You may also experience negative thoughts about exercise. We’re about to change those thoughts.

1)      Continue focussing on your breathing for 1 minute.

2)      Think about food. Think about eating. Notice what thoughts come to mind.

3)      For every thought you experience tell yourself “This is just a thought. It isn’t real. It is irrelevant.”

4)      Continue for five minutes.

5)      In stage 3 you began to remove negative thoughts. It’s now to change those thoughts.

6)      The next time you experience a thought about food do the following 1) Observe the thought, 2) Tell yourself it is ONLY a thought, 3) Suggest a more positive thoughts (think about exercising and enjoy it, eating healthy food and liking it etc).

7)      Continue this process for five minutes.


Psychological Weight Loss Technique 3: EXERCISING WITHOUT MOVING
You’re about to lose calories without moving. That’s because you’re going to train your mind to WANT to exercise. After this meditation you will find that you use your body a lot more and that you start exercising more.

1)      Return to focussing on your breathing. You’re about to do a body scan meditation but just focus on your breathing for one minute.

2)      The purpose of this body scan meditation is to put your mind more in contact with your body. You’re developing your body mind connection which leads you to use your body more (and thereby burn calories and lose weight). To do this you are going to move the focus of your mind progressively through your body.

3)      Begin by focussing on your feet. Notice any sensations there. If there is tension imagine taking a deep breath into your feet and having your feet relax.

4)      Continue the same process but for your ankles. Then move up through your body from legs to pelvis, stomach, chest, arms, hands, neck, face and head.

5)      Having gone through your whole body focus your mind on your ENTIRE body. Focus for a couple of minutes.



Psychological Weight Loss Technique 4: Walking Meditation

Walking meditation develops your body mind connection further. To do this you will need a safe path of around ten feet (it only needs to be a small path, the purpose of this walk is not travelling but focussing).

1)      Stand at the beginning of your path. Focus your mind on your body as you did in the body scan meditation. Now focus on your legs and feet. Notice the sensations there.

2)      Begin to walk VERY SLOWLY. Focus your mind absolutely on the movement in your feet and legs. Walk very consciously. Think about your feet moving. They lift up, move forwards, then are placed back down. Be very aware of this entire process.

3)      Walk to the end of the path, turn around and repeat.

4)      Do this exercise for ten minutes.


Psychological Weight Loss Technique 5: Perfect You
Weight loss requires motivation. Thankfully, you can get this through meditation. In this final stage of the meditation you are going to imagine your perfect self. This is going to motivate you to exercise and to eat healthy.

1)      Sit or lie down comfortably with good posture.

2)      Focus your mind on your breathing.

3)      Begin to paint a picture of your perfect self. What do you look like? Are you thin, athletic, well-built? What does your skin look like? Do you have muscles? Paint the perfect image of yourself.

4)      Now imagine this perfect you doing something that you would love to do but feel you cant right now. Imagine your perfect self doing the perfect thing. Maybe you’ve just finished a marathon. Maybe you’ve just met your perfect partner. Maybe you’re just feeling extremely confident. What is your perfect self doing?

5)      Meditate on this visualisation. Imagine your perfect self in detail. Believe in it. Meditate on it for five to ten minutes.

Now, if you have been following the stages of this psychological process you will be feeling pretty amazing right about now. You’ve trained your mind. Your mind is the most powerful possession you will ever own. In this process you have learned to use your mind to change your life.


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