When You Use The Relaxing Meditation Techniques… Soooo Chill

When you try these 10 relaxing meditation techniques you will feel divine. The only question is, which of these ten meditative relaxation techniques if the best?

Relaxing Meditation Techniques 10: Music:


There are thousands of hours of relaxing meditation music available. Whether you just want to take 5 minutes at work and put a relaxing youtube video on, or whether you want to spend an hour with your eyes closed at home, relaxing music is a great way of relaxing and promoting inner calm.

I’ve put together a collection of the most beautiful meditation music in the world for you. Take a look (it’s free).



 9: Zen Walking Meditation

Odds are you probably already spend quite a lot of time walking. Whether you’re the outdoors type who loves to go on hikes, or, like many of us, you just have to walking to work, it’s easy to take advantage of zen walking meditation. All you need do is make the effort to be aware of your every step as you walk. Pay attention to the sensations in your legs, the sense of movement, as well as to the scenery, sights and sounds.

Read my guide to Zen Walking Meditation.


sexy-yoga-girl8:  Yoga

Combining Yoga with meditation is one of the best ways to promote the mind / body connection, helping to relax you both physically and mentally. You don’t need to be a Yogi, either. To be honest, you don’t really need to know much about Yoga. To perform this technique, simply learn a few simple yoga moves, then perform them while being mindful of your breath and focussing on the sensations in your body.  Of course, Yoga is also a good exercise for weight loss, an additional bonus.

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