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Relaxing Meditations for Fertility and Childbirth– Free Online Meditation Techniques

meditation for fertilityMany couples know how traumatic infertility can be. But thankfully there are many meditations for fertility which can help you to get pregnant.
In America alone there are over ten million infertility cases. One of the most common causes of infertility is extreme stress, which affects the body’s chemical balance and prevents fertility from taking place. Research conducted by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine revealed that extreme stress is the leading causes of infertility. For more information on this, click the LEARN MORE button.

If you are suffering from acute stress this is very likely to be the root cause of your infertility. Stress has a serious affect on the body, causing the body to cut out all nonessential body functions. When you’re body is stressed, it simply isn’t able to support another life. Stress can also causes miscarriages. Thankfully, meditation can be used to cure stress, to help the body get back to normal and to cure infertility.

Meditation is a natural, free and very healthy practice which will help you to move passed stress and to become pregnant. Meditation reduces cortisol and increases melatonin and oxytocin, helping you to balance your body and cure infertility. In a moment we’ll take a look at the very best meditation techniques for infertility. These will help you to feel much better and will help you to conceive.

Not only does meditation help you to get pregnant in the first place, it also empowers you to have a healthy pregnancy period, leading to a healthy birth.

Meditation for Infertility–The Techniques

Click through to the next page and we’ll reveal, for free, how you can use meditation to cure infertility. We’ll look at Buddhist techniques, breathing techniques, guided visualisations and much more. All of these will be immensely helpful and will help your fertility. Click through to the next page to get started with our completely free guide.


Meditation Techniques for Fertility: Breathing

learn-more-buttonBreathing techniques are always the best place to start any kind of practice. Breathing is the central energy of the body and mind. Proper breathing can  help to correct any issues with the body and will also balance the mind, helping to create chemical balance which leads to fertility.

Breathing techniques are also a very easy place to get started. If you have not meditated before, click the LEARN MORE button for a guide to breathing. Use this meditation first (right now, if possible). This will relax your mind and start you along the right track towards fertility. Click the LEARN MORE button to get started with breathing meditation.


Meditation Techniques for Fertility: Loving Kindness Meditation

learn-more-buttonAs we mentioned on the first page of this article, stress significantly affects your chemical balance and is a lading cause of infertility. One of the best ways to cure chemical imbalance is to create the right mental attitude. Feeling of love, gratitude, kindness and compassion help your body to find balance and thereby help to cure infertility.

Buddhist Loving Kindness is the best kind of meditation for achieving mental balance. In Buddhist Loving Kindness you create feelings of love and compassion. This in turn balance your body and mind and helps you to get pregnant. For a complete guide to Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation, click the LEARN MORE button.


Meditation Techniques for Fertility: Guided Visualisation Meditation

video-buttonSometimes the most relaxing thing in the world is just to sit back and have someone else lead you through the meditation. When you use guided visualisation you simply listen to someone else’s words and allow them to relax you. This is definitely the most easiest kind of meditation in the world and is another great place for beginners to get started.

For a free Guided Visualisation, click the VIDEO button.


learn-more-buttonMeditation Techniques for Fertility: Yoga

While yoga is not technically a meditation technique, it is related, being a spiritual practice which is immensely relaxing. Yoga works both your body and mind at the same time. This creates complete body and mind relaxation and helps your body to prepare for fertility and, when pregnant, to have a healthy birth. 

Click the LEARN MORE button for a free beginners guide to yoga.

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