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From “Fact About Depression”. . . 

– living in overpopulated areas and taking in too much information (which could, for instance, include being on the inter net too much) are common causes of depression
– According to the World Health Organization, by 2020, depression will be most common form of illness
– Over 150 million people every year becomes disabled due to depression.

Fact 6 – Researchers of the New-York University established that depression destroys nerve cells in the front part of the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for optimism.

– The American Psychiatrical Association comprised this list of the most depression-prone professions:

Baby-sitters, nannies, nurses and the unemployed (12.7%),
People working in public catering: waiters, cooks and barmen (10.3%),
Doctors, nurse and social workers (9.6%).

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