Evidence Suggest World Is A Computer Simulation–Scientists Shocked

  • Is the world a computer simulation? Amazingly, new scientific evidence suggests that we truly are living in a computer simulated world.

What if your entire life were being lived inside a computer simulation, like in The Matrix, or if you were one of the characters in The Sims?

Sounds crazy. But stop and think about it for a moment. Because truth is, if you were living in a computer simulation you would never actually know it. If your entire life were a computer simulation you would still accept it as life, and never know any different.

Now imagine if one of the other characters in this simulated world, let’s say a scientist, was trying to discover the truth of reality. While he was investing the world this scientist was researching physics, and they happened to discover parts of the source code that was the very fabric of the world that you live in.

There you are going about your day to day life, completely unaware of the fact that you are actually living inside a computer simulation. And then the scientist tells you the truth: that the world is created through machine code, through a very clever and complex simulation.

How would you react to discovering that the entire world is a computer simulation?

You would probably argue with the scientist. You wouldn’t want to believe that you are actually a character in a computer simulation. You would refuse to listen to the scientist. You would probably call them crazy because they were challenging your entire being.

If the media (and especially social media) heard about this scientist they would attack him. They would try to discredit his findings. Because no one wants to believe they are a character in a computer simulation. They want to believe they are the real living people, nothing at all like all those characters in The Sims. So the media and Facebook and Twitter would blow up with people attacking this scientist simply because they could not tolerate the truth that they are a computer in a simulated world.

Amazingly, this is precisely what is happening. James Sylvester Gates Jr. is a leading physicist and science advisor to President Obama. And he has discovered computer code inside the fabric of reality.

Amazingly, the code that Gates has discovered is the same code used to run search engines on the computer you’re using right now. If his theory is found to be true, it will prove that we truly are characters living in a computer simulated world created by… by who?

That is the real question.

Watch the video below. In it James Gates Jr. discusses gives his answer to the question “Is the world a computer simulation”?

Within this video you will see lots of evidence that we are living inside a virtual reality, computer simulated world. This video is going to shock and amaze you.

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So, is the world a computer simulation? What do you think? Leave a comment below.


Paul Martin Harrison

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