The Scientific Proof Of Reincranation— The James Linegar Case

james linegar case proof of reincarnation

  James Linegar is the amazing young man who remembers his past life as an American fighter pilot during battles against the Japanese in World War II. What proves that James Linegar really is reincarnated is the fact that he remembers information from his past life that only his own past life and his past life sisters could possibly have known.

He has met up with old pilots, remembers their names, and is able to tell them information that only his reincarnated self could possibly have known.

Of course some sceptics will say that James Linegar is only imagining things, that he has been influenced by watching movies, playing war games, and reading books. But the precision and detail of the information that James Linegar remembers makes such an argument nonsense. It is clear for all to see that James Linegar truly has been reincarnated.

Some commentators have said “This is what happens when kids play war games” and “James Linegar is just some dumb kid influenced by video games.”

Such comments merely expose people as pseudo-sceptics. To dismiss the James Linegar case in such a broad stroke exposes an unenlightened, non-enquiring mind. The open mind digs deeper. And the fact that some have outright verbally attacked James Linegar and his family is ignorant and small minded.

The open, rational mind can clearly see that James Linegar truly has been reincarnated. He is the proof of reincarnation.


Reincarnation Proof: The James Linegar Case