Self Healing Meditation – How To Heal Through Meditation

 Self healing meditation techniques have been in used for thousands of years in the East. For the longest time, however, the West shunned these seemingly spiritual healing practices. Now, however, we’re discovering that all those ancient self healing technique genuinely work. In this article we will reveal the secrets to how to heal through meditation.


Meditation and Healing

There are over 100 different benefits offered by meditation, and healing is one of the most important. It has been proven by Russian scientists that people with higher energy frequencies rarely get sick. This is because the microorganisms that cause disease cannot survive in bodies with high vibration frequencies.

Meditation is one of the best ways to raise your energy frequency and therefore a great means of healing.

Meditation for Healing – The Most Popular Healing Meditation in the World

Follow the instructions for the healing meditation carefully. I recommend bookmarking this page (press CTRL + D) for future use too.

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Make sure your phone is off along with other items that could interrupt your session. Alter the lights as necessary to help you relax.
  2. Make yourself comfortable, sitting down, and just begin to relax for a few minutes. Try to sit with proper posture, making sure your spine is in proper alignment. You may sit on a mat if you wish (though I personally just sit on the floor). You may also have your legs crossed or be sitting on your knees, whichever you prefer.
  3. Close your eyes and continue to relax.
  4. Begin to breathe through your nose. Breathe in, hold for a few seconds, then breath out. Concentrate on your breath as you do so. Alternatively, instead of focusing on your breath you may choose to focus on a mantra, for instance, “I am feel calm, healthy and relaxed) or something to that effect.
  5. You may find yourself distracted by thoughts from time to time. Whether these thoughts are good or bad, do not focus on them. Return your attention to your breath.
  6. Continue to focus on your breath while allowing thoughts, feelings and stress to vanish into nothingness. You will become increasingly relaxed. This is great for both body and mind. In this state of deep relaxation you give your body and mind opportunity to heal. I recommend staying in the meditation for twenty minutes at least, though you may meditate for longer if you wish.


Remember to bookmark this page with CTRL + D. Then you can return to this meditation again.

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