Spiritual Book Preview: The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal

Title: The Creative Art of Living and Dying

Authors: Elise Dirlam Ching (Author), Kaleo Ching (Author)

Length: 224 pages

With a visually stunning front cover and such an intriguing title, we simply couldn’t resist taking a look at The Creative Art of Living and Dying by Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching.

Elise and kaleo Ching are authors, artists and healers who use a combination of art and spiritual practices to provide healing and transformation for clients.

Through 23 years of experience, Elise and Kaleo Ching have guided individuals on their paths of personal transformation. Their experience is broad enough and impressive enough to include coaching Qigong and art for personal transformation at John F. Kennedy University Arts, Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts, Lucasfilm, and more (and of course, teaching at the now defunk Lucasfilm adds street cred to spiritual cred. . . it’s a combination not often found! –[Editor]). They’re sharing the best of their knowledge in this book, which is being released August 14th. Here’s the link:    The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal: Your Journey through Stories, Qigong Meditation, Journaling, and Art

Visit the author’s site for more.

Paul Martin Harrison

Im on a mission to spread spirituality and enlightenment. How? By writing and teaching. You guys asked me to write a book that will teach you how to meditate properly and how to find enlightenment. Guess what? The book is out now. It's called Welcome To Silence : A Practical Guide To Mindfulness And Meditation.

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