10+ Spiritual Cures For Depression You Can Rely On

try using these spiritual cures for depression

There are many powerful spiritual cures for depression that you can rely on when you need them. Don’t allow yourself to continue to suffer. Help is here.

There are many powerful spiritual cures for depression that you can use to heal your mind. These spiritual cures for depression existed long before medication came into existence. And they are very powerful and very healthy.

Amazingly, even pharmaceutical companies are starting to admit that the mind is more powerful than drugs. So if you want to heal, look to your own mind.




For thousands of years, people have used spiritual cures for depression

For thousands of years spiritual leaders have advocated the use of spiritual cures for depression. It’s only recently, however, that modern science has proven that spiritual techniques do indeed cure depression.

While many scientists shun spirituality because it is “too complicated to measure,” more enlightened healthcare professionals have finally started to embrace spirituality. They now know that spiritual cures can help with depression and with other mental health disorders.

In January of 2012 Columbia University researched the affect of religiosity and spirituality on depression. This was the first such study of its kind.

The study followed 114 adults from families with a history of depressed and non-depressed parents. Those participants who described themselves as being highly religious were shown to have ¼ the chance of being diagnosed with major depressive disorder, a disorder which affects 1 in 10 people.

This might sound surprising. But it has been proven that spiritual people are happier and less likely to be depressed.

The study showed that people who identified themselves as highly spiritual or religious were also shown to have a thicker brain cortex, a region of the brain associated with empathy and compassion.

“The new study links this extremely large protective benefit of spirituality or religion to previous studies which identified large expanses of cortical thinning in specific regions of the brain in adult offspring of families at high risk for major depression,” said Dr. Lisa Miller, director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University.



Meditation is one of the best spiritual cures for depression.

Individuals who have been practicing meditation for extended periods of time have thicker brain cortexes. This means that they are more compassionate and less prone to depression.

“A lifelong habit of meditating and/or contemplation of spirituality stimulates the metabolism and neurogeneration in areas of the brain that confer resilience to trauma and therefore reduce the risk of developing depression,” says Emily Deans M.D

Douglas LaBier, Ph.D agrees. “I regularly encourage the people I work with to practice meditation. It builds a kind of inner “shock absorber” that helps you maintain calm and focus in the midst of daily stress and the multiple demands of living in today’s world.”

A recent study showed that as little as twenty minutes meditation practice for three consecutive days significantly lowers stress levels. This study revolutionised the way we think about meditation.

Traditional views of meditation have suggested that practitioners only see real benefits after prolonged practice. But this new study proves that you can meditate for a very short period of time and still see significant health improvements.

Given that prolonged periods of stress are one of the main causes of depression, this means that a small time spend meditating will help reduce the chances of depression. Indeed, meditation is one of the very best spiritual cures for depression.

Another study in the Journal of  American Medical Association tested the affects of 3515 participants with depression. The results showed that 30 minutes a day of meditation significantly reduces the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.



Yoga is also one of the best spiritual cures for depression. Yoga has also been proven to help reduce the risk of, and to alleviate the symptoms of, depression.    

Researchers at Boston University examined brain levels of GABA among yoga practitioners.  Low levels of GABA indicate a risk of depression and anxiety. The research showed that practicing yoga leads to an increase in GABA levels and a reduction in the risk of depression.

But what is fascinating is the reason why yoga reduces the risk of depression. In order to test the theory that yoga is effective at treating depression, researcher conducted the same study but this time had the participants walking in a “happy way.” The results showed that “positive” movement and positive body language could be the real reason why yoga works.

> You can learn how to use yoga for positivity here.



In 2014 Amy Cuddy presented a beautiful TED speech in which she showed that body language affects mood.

She showed that by simply standing and moving in a positive way individuals can improve their mood. This, in turn, corresponds with what acting teachers like Anton Chekhov have been saying for years, that the way you move your body affects your mood.



What is truly amazing about all of this research is the sheer amount of ways in which we can treat depression.

Just look at the research and you will be amazed.  Here are some of the most important factors to bear in mind:

  • Belief in some sort of spirituality decreased the chances of depression.
  • Meditation and mindfulness reduce the risk of depression and help relieve the symptoms of depression.
  • Yoga, tai chi, and other “Body mind” exercises are shown to reduce the risk of depression and to be effective at treating depression. Research into this continues.

And amazingly, using positive body language will also help with depression. Positive body language includes holding the chin up, looking at eye level, smiling, and walking with a bounce in your step.



There are so many cures for depression. If you do not want to take depression medication there are other ways

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists believed that depression could only be cured by medication. Today we’re learning a lot about depression and it seems that many things, including spirituality, can help to fight depression.

There is one thing that ties all these practices together

I would like to share with you my theory of why all these practices work for depression. But this theory has yet to be scientifically proven. It is very much my opinion based on reading extensive research and from personal experience.

Depression is caused by a closing off of the mind. That’s evident when you look at the causes of depression. Prolonged stress causes depression. Loneliness causes depression. Traumatic personal experiences, lack of mental stimulation… all these things cause depression, and the one thing tying them together is that the mind is cut off from fresh information.

Fresh information is like oxygen to the mind. Your body needs oxygen to survive, but your mind also need fresh information. It needs that informational-oxygen to keep energy flowing through neural pathways.

>Learn how to refresh your mind by using mindfulness. 



Now if you look at all the things above that cure or prevent depression, they all share one thing in common: they all make fresh information come into your brain. Here’s how.

Meditation and mindfulness: make your mind focus on the present moment, and the present moment is a constant stream of fresh information.

Yoga, tai chi, and other mind body exercises make you focus on physical movement.You have a cognitive task to perform when exercising, so your mind is again connected to the outside world and taking in new information.

Spirituality makes you focus on something outside yourself, whether that be God, or nature, or anything else. Spirituality makes your mind focus outside of yourself. As soon as your focus is external you start taking in new information. We know that non-spiritual people often have insular views and that this can lead to depression. Spirituality is the opposite.

Positive body language: Positive body language also makes you receive new information? How? Because when you look up (which is positive body language) you see the world.  Because when you smile you improve your eyesight (smiling changes the position of your eyes) this then lets more information in.  When you adopt positive body language you don’t stare down at the floor, you look up at the world and let the light of the world in.

It all comes down to the same thing. When you oxygenate your brain and mind with fresh information via the outside world, you energise your brain, and that is just like exercise to the body: it keeps your brain fit and healthy.




So, what to do to beat depression

Here’s how you beat depression in a spiritual-esque fashion.

1: Believe in something outside yourself

2: Meditate

3: Focus on the present moment

4: Focus on other people, not on yourself

5: Adopt positive body language (which literally is like acting happy)

With this plan you will achieve and maintain happiness for a long time. But, this latter bit is my opinion and has not been scientifically validated, unlike the studies above.

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