What Is The Best Hobby That Doesn’t Cost Money? Maybe It’s This

Wondering what’s the best hobby that doesn’t cost money? Want to get passionate about a new interest that is absolutely free? Then maybe you should consider meditation and spirituality.



There are so many high priced spiritual products right now. If you shop, you’ll see tons of yoga clothing, spiritual books, online meditation courses and much much more. And there are the seriously high price items like online Masters degrees in Buddhism, online psychic readings, and even spiritual dating websites.

The spiritual world is truly taking off at the moment. And that can only be a good thing.

And sure, some products are worth shopping for. If you can find a truly great online meditation course I highly recommend taking it. If you’re interested in booking a vacation, hey, why not book a spiritual retreat / vacation. And then there’s the nice items like Buddhist malas spiritual gemstones / meditation crystals. All of those are valuable items.

But at the same time: If you’ve ever wonder How much does it cost to be a spiritual person? The answer is: Absolutely nothing.

All of these spiritual products do not make a spiritual person.

Sure, you might like to wear your yoga t-shirt when you go out. It tells people about you. It says you’re healthy and you practice yoga. But it’s not the clothing that makes the person.

To be a truly spiritual person, your total financial investment is zero.

And that, in my opinion, is the best thing about being a spiritual person.

So many other groups and communities cost lots of money to get into. Heck, you’re not going to join the Yacht Owners Club without a yacht.

But the spiritual community requires absolutely nothing to get into.

And that is probably my most favourite thing about being a spiritualist. This isn’t some alpha / beta / kappa inclusive / exclusive club. It’s a club for everyone, from the extremely wealthy to the extremely poor.

Spirituality, more than any other community, connects us. It is universal and entirely open club.

So the nest time you’re buying you high-price meditation crystals, just remind yourself: It’s not the product that makes you a spiritualist. What makes you a spiritualist is you.




Meditation, mindfulness and spirituality are three of the best hobbies that don’t require money. Give them a shot.