Find Financial Confidence And Stop Worrying About Money [TUTORIAL]

The best way how to stop worrying about money is to stop thinking too much. But just how exactly do you stop thinking? After all, you’ve probably spent 80% of your life thinking about one thing or another. Stopping thinking would require some kind of complete life-overhaul, wouldn’t it?


There’s one very simple technique that you can use to stop thinking too much. It is the best way how to stop thinking about money. That way is by recognising a thought for what it is.



How to stop worrying about money and stop thinking too much

We all worry about things. Which one of us, for instance, has never worried about the future? And when you worry your mind gets full of thoughts and those thoughts seem incredibly important.

Have you ever wondered why a thought means so much to you? After all, a thought is only in your head. Worries come from thoughts and that means that worries, too, are only in your head. But why do worries and thoughts mean so much to us?

Try this simple exercise and you’ll immediately understand why thoughts and worry have such an effect on you.

Bring to mind an image of your current financial situation.

Got it?

Describe the thought you’re experiencing.

Now, this is the important bit. When you described the thought you were experiencing you probably said something along the lines of “I am seeing my bank account with no money in it” or something similar. In truth, you’re not seeing your bank account, or whatever you think you are seeing. You’re just seeing an image in your head.

When we think, we tend to confuse our thoughts with reality. We think (for instance) “I cant make money” and then believe that this thought must be true. In fact, it is only a thought.

When you stop confusing your thoughts for reality you will stop giving your thoughts too much power. This is the best way how to stop worrying about money. Continually remind yourself that a thought is just a thought. It is nothing more. Stop dwelling on your thoughts and they will disappear.

The next time you worry about money, just say to yourself “This is only a thought. It is not reality.” Try this for two days and I guarantee you will stop worrying about money.

This, however, is just one way to stop worrying about money.




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