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How To Take A Spiritual Journey Starting Now

mindfulness and conscious living

Have you ever wondered how to take a spiritual journey? It isn’t easy. It just requires an open mind. Here’s my story of how I started my own spiritual journey…      In 2004 when I was training to be an actor at Oxford, one of my drama teachers happened to say one very simple… Read more »

10 Life Goals To Achieve Before 40


At 33 I can feel the big 40 slowly creeping up on me like a stranger in the night. I see a shadow of myself as a 40 year old. I’m not there yet, but soon I’ll look in the mirror and say “Well, here I am, 40.” Eh. It’s not that big a number…. Read more »

9 Refreshingly Different Bucket List Goals To Schedule Before You Die


You’ll have to excuse my morbidity. I don’t mean to bring up death. It’s often a lot more pleasant to just bury our heads in the sand and pretend that time isn’t slipping us by. But in truth it’s actually one hell of an advantage to be able to squarely face up to death. We’re… Read more »

3 Simple Tricks To Add 2 Years To Your Life Span

Go into your 80s being able to breakdance. Now that's just awesome. Thankfully there are some tricks that can add years to your life span and make you healthier in old age.

Your mind is inherently related to your body. Think of the last time you were truly happy and you’ll probably remember that you had a bounce to your step and a smile on your face. Your psychical and mental health are interlinked, the one dependent on the other. We’re at a fascinating time in history,… Read more »

Wow. These 10 Vital Life Lessons Could Save The Planet

Sitting outside by the mountains it's obvsious this beautiful planet is everything. We need to protect it and save it.

Mankind keeps expanding. Right now NASA is blasting spaceships through the stratosphere, the army is testing thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile systems that can fire multiple nuclear warheads over 10,000 miles, and we’re making major breakthroughs in human cloning. Somehow all this expansion seems to be in the wrong direction. Do we really need to be… Read more »

5 Ways How To Be Happy in The Morning

how to be happy in the morning

You’ve just woken up. You’re ready to start your day. But hang on a moment. Let’s stop for one second. Let’s be mindful. This time right now, this early morning time when the sun is just breaking through the window and you’re stepping into lucidity. This time is crucial. This is the time when you… Read more »

Ten Life Lessons Learned From A Lifetime Of Meditation

Woman sitting in the street meditating

Every time you meditate you learn something new, about yourself, about the world, about life in general. As I’m in a mood for reflecting, I’d like to share the top ten things I’ve learnt from twenty years of meditation. Ten Life Lessons from Meditation  1: I’m full of crap Yup, I’m totally full of crap… Read more »

How To Manifest Your Reality And Get What You Desire

how to manifest your reality

Ever wondered how to manifest your reality and get what you desire? If so, you’re about to find the answers…   As we walk through life’s often dense foresty, and take the journey of self discovery, it’s vitally important that we create the life that we truly want and desire. Our inner worlds and outer… Read more »

All Hail The Mind Blowing Bus Home– AWESOME!


This is all kinds of cool. They took an old bus from 1993 and converted it into a home. Living on the road has never been so easy or so outlandishly fun. The  bus home is a converted 1993 Ford school with a Thomas chassis and a diesel engine, which has been turned into a mobile… Read more »