How To Make Weight Loss Easier With A few Simple Techniques

I’ve discover some great ways how to make weight loss easier. They made all the difference to my weight loss plan. They’re free and easy.


A long time ago I learnt that the easy ways to lose weight are the best ways. When I began my own weight loss journey I had the mentality that I had to give my all and sweat myself to death. Nothing else would do! And if I failed I would give up, saying to myself that I just couldn’t do it. Now I’ve learnt that such a mentality really doesn’t help.

If there’s an easy way to do something that gets you the right results, it’s got to be good, right?

When I learnt to give myself a break and take it easy, I started to lose weight quickly. I’d like to share ten of my favourite easy ways to lose weight, weight loss techniques that have worked for me and that I’m sure will work for you too.


Ten Easy Ways to Lose Weight


1: Just wait a sec: Cravings will disappear by themselves if you just distract yourself for a few minutes. The next time you feel a craving, just do something to take your mind off it for a short while.


 2:  What do I REALLY Want:
When you really get a craving, ask yourself this one question: What do you REALLY want? Do you  want a cupcake or do you REALLY want to be thin and look good?




3:  I’m not perfect and that’s okay:

Don’t allow your imperfections to ruin you. If you do something wrong and break your weight loss plan occasionally, so what? Just get back on with your plan and don’t be hard on yourself.





4:  Focus: There’s a Buddhist saying that goes “When you’re sitting, sit, don’t slouch.” What it means is that you should pay attention to what you are doing. If you are eating something, eat it mindfully. Meditate on your food when you eat, be aware of what you’re eating. Don’t watch TV and eat. If you eat, EAT.



5: Breakfast: Breakfast is key. If you eat a filling and healthy breakfast you won’t need snacks. Make sure your breakfast fills you up but make it healthy too.



6: Vegetables: Make most of your meal vegetables. Simple. You can put something tasty with it, but make the majority of your food vegetables.



7: Stop Buying: If you stop buying snacks you stop eating snacks. . . obviously. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on NOT BUYING rather than NOT EATING.





8:  Put it on a plate: Don’t eat food from a box or jar. Make sure you always put it on a plate or bowl so you can see what you’re eating.




9: Fruit: Fruit is healthy. Okay that’s obvious. But fruit can be tasty too. Buy types of fruit you don’t usually eat and enjoy them.




10: Drinks: The BIGGEST difference is to stop drinking pop. Cut it out completely. It’s empty calories.

And there we are, ten easy ways to lose weight. All of them are easy to do and don’t require much effort. Sometimes, it’s the little changes the make the biggest difference.

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