10 Reasons Why Everyone Says Meditation Makes You Sexier

Sexy. Meditation.

Usually those two words don’t go together. After all, the last thing Buddhist monks are worried about is their sex appeal. 

I mean, really, what sort of monk spends hours checking themselves in a mirror to make sure they look hot?

I mean other than this guy. . .

This sexy monk aint exactly your average meditator. Meditation does make you more attractive. But your results may vary.



How Meditation Makes You more attractive. . . INEVITABLE!

1. Sexual Energy: The specific practice of sexual meditation has been shown to unblock sexual energy in your body. Sit naked with your partner and focus on your breathing for ten minutes. Then focus on your partners body for ten minutes. And now the sparks fly! And if you truly want to enjoy some meditative sexy time, look at this guide to intimate meditations for couples Voila. And the sparks fly. 

2. Meditation makes your skin super smooth and silky: One of the most important parts of being naturally sexy is having good skin.

Sure, make-up is great, but if you want to be naturally beautiful, you need to have good skin.

Meditation is scientifically proven to help to eliminate skin problems like acne and eczema. You can read more about this on Brainwave Research.

Most skin problems are caused by stress. By meditating we remove stress and this makes our skin clearer and, you bet, sexier. And that’s the second way meditation makes you more attractive.

If you really want beautiful skin, read this.

3. Confidence: What’s sexier than confidence? Nothing, my friend, absolutely ZILCH.

Confidence is king and always will be.

Every time you see a truly confident person you know it. Even if they’re not necessarily that good looking they’re still attractive. Confidence is just flipping hot.

Meditation creates confidence by eliminating negative thoughts.

Meditate and you’ll be confident, be confident and you’ll naturally look sexy. Simple.

4. Elegance and posture: Posture is very important to attractiveness.

Good posture exudes elegance, and elegance is classy.

The main reason people suffer from bad posture is due to muscle tension. Practicing Zen Meditation will help you to remove muscle tension, but for complete physiotherapy. Try a shot of Osho Dynamic technique too. It will leave your body relaxed and free of tension, which will naturally improve your posture and leave you looking elegant.

5. Weight Loss: Meditation and mindfulness will help you to eliminating those cravings that lead you to snack and put on weight. Take a look at my guide to using meditation for weight loss. If you’re trying to lose the pounds at the moment you will find it a real game changer.  HERE.

6. Energy:

People with energy look sexy. I mean, whoever found fatigue sexy?

No one wants some half baked couch potato snoring next to them, right? We’re attracted to athletic, energetic people.

If you want to be sexy you need to be full of energy and zest for life. What you need is Zen-ergetics Meditation  is proven to improve your energy levels and to make you live more in the moment, thereby giving that “je ne saia quoi.”

7. Those Eyes!

Anyone who has been meditating for many years will readily tell you that it changes the appearance of your eyes.

Specifically, it makes your eyes seem more alive , which is basically because they are more alive.

When you meditate you become more aware of your senses, meaning you are more aware of visual stimuli. This mental awakening is reflected in your eyes.


 8. Dance: Because it releases muscle tension and also creates mental freedom, you’ll find that meditating makes you a much better dancer. You won’t feel awkward dancing after meditating, you’ll just flow. And dancing is all kinds of sexy. And you don’t even have to use this amazing dance meditation technique if you don’t want to. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to though.

If you really want to be an amazing dancer, take a look at my guide to dance meditation. It’s all kinds of sexy.

9. Being Yourself: Being yourself is sexy. I mean, really, what’s sexy about someone who feels the need to act like everyone else and doesn’t have the confidence to be themselves? Meditation will give you the confidence to be true to yourself, and that will make you sexy.

10. Natural Charisma: Because meditation gives you both confidence and the willingness to be yourself and go with the flow, you’ll find a whole new layer of charisma too. Charismatic people are all kinds of sexy. Think about your favourite celebrities. They have killer personalities and natural charisma, and because of that they’re sexy  as heck.


Yes, meditation makes you sexy. Between your good posture, your natural charisma, your clear skin, your stunning eyes, your raised energy, your new found dancing skills, your ability to be yourself, your healthier body and your self confidence, you’re all kinds of sexy. And it’s all thanks to meditation. Click through to the next page for some really hot ways to use meditation for sexiness, or just for sex itself.

Still don’t think meditation makes you sexy? Then must ask catwalk model Miranda Kerr. She meditates every day.

And if you want to access the full sexiness of meditation, then you might like to check out:  30 Secrets To Spiritual love. 


Thanks for reading.

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