Top 10 Meditation Blogs Everyone Is Loving In 2017

What are the absolute best meditation blogs in the world?

As a meditation blogger myself I have spent countless hours reading the work of pretty much every single spiritual blogger in the world. And let me tell you. Some of the spiritual bloggers around today are amazing.

I’ve already created a list of the absolute best spiritual blogs in the world. And some of those blogs are so inspiring that they take my breath away.


Today I want to talk specifically about bloggers who write about meditation. so, narrow niche but still a lot of ground to cover.

It’s quite amazing how big a subject meditation is. As you may know, there are over 700 different types of meditation. And on this blog, The Daily Meditation, we’ve covered Zen meditation, Chakra meditation, and more. But we couldn’t possibly cover everything. And that’s why I’m personally very glad that there are other immensely talented bloggers in the world.


These meditation blogs are really helping people to start meditating. And I’m sure you will agree that that is a very important thing (especially give then most than 100 health benefits of meditation).


So, a big thank you to all my fellow spiritual bloggers who are helping to get people meditating.

However, there are some meditation blogs that are so flipping good that they’ve made it into this top ten.

These are the meditation blogs that I could not live without.

The ten best meditation blogs in the world.

What Meditation Really Is

What Meditation Really Is  is definitely one of the very best meditation blogs in the world. This is a very modern (and I want to say “cool”) blog that brings mindfulness into the modern age, matching science with practical guides to offer a complete overview of the importance of practice in today’s world.




Wildmind is one of the mindfulness blogs I personally ready most. Wildmind is packed full of easy to follow guides to all different kinds of techniques.  Finding the right techniques for yourself is easy on Wildmind as the staff clearly explain what the benefits of different types of meditation are. This is a great site for people new to meditation



Mindfulness is only one part of the subject matter covered by SpeakingTree. On the site you’ll find guides and articles on all different kings of religions and spiritualities. All articles on the site are professionally written and very informative. I must admit I’ve learnt a lot from SpeakingTree myself!


Positive Meditation
Positive Meditation is another of the best meditation blogs. This one’s all about using techniques to live a positive and happy life. Written by Mark Dunn, a positivity coach, this blog is packed full of inspirational articles and guides to using techniques in everyday life.


Beyond the Mind

Beyond the Mind is a fascinating blog that matches scientific research with a poetic / artistic styling, adding quotes and more to create an inspiring and enlightening experience. This is also one of the most unique blogs on meditation.


Mindful Balance

What makes this one of the best meditation blogs in the design. I love the design of Mindful Balance; it’s big, bold and green, like one great big leaf. It’s a blog all about peace and mindfulness, which advocates and inspires a love of nature and a love of self. I believe this site is relatively new but I’m excited about its future.


Spirit Balance

Spirit Balance has a ton of personality that makes it one of the very best meditation blogs.  You really get a sense of the writer’s personality when reading this blog, and it’s a very interesting personality at that. The blogger discusses his journeys to India and share many colourful Youtube videos too. This is probably the most unique blog in the world.
Free Meditation 

I’m going to admit to being a little bit biased in favor of Free Meditation  as it’s the only blog located near my second home (which is Hamilton), being in Halton Ontario. That’s far from the only plus point of this site though. On this blog you get to discover what’s going on in the world of spirituality, with discussions of events and of books, DVDs and more. Where many blogs focus exclusively on techniques and How Tos, Free Meditation does a brilliant job of bringing to life the modern world of meditation.


The Meditative Gardner

The Meditative Gardner does precisely what is says on the tin: bringing mindfulness into garden chores. You only have to read the title of their latest article “Meditating with a Squirrel” to know what this is all about: nature, loving your garden and letting your garden and gardening lead you to mindfulness. Excellent.


Clear Empty Mind

I’m going to be completely open and honest and say that the site design of ClearEmptyMind is not my favourite (it’s somewhat cluttered). But once you get past that you find brilliant articles and videos that teach Buddhist philosophies and techniques and also discuss modern news stories from a Buddhist point of view. This blog makes me feel more connected to Buddhism (which is difficult being stuck in a village in the middle of England with absolutely no connections to Buddhism whatsoever).


All these blogs are absolutely spectacular. they are the best meditation blogs in the world. We love them all! So I just want to say thanks to all my fellow meditation bloggers. You guys absolutely rock. 

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