These Killer Motivation Tips Are Fuelling Success Worldwide

This brilliant video is packed full of self motivation tips and comes from youtube member HassanBnet. In this video, Hassan shares some very wise, practical and (best of all) simple self motivation tips. You can watch the video right here or read the transcript below.


Self Motivation Tips from HassanBnet

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Self Motivation Tips Transcript

Theres nothing wrong with wanting a better life and nothing wrong with wanting the best of life. However, don’t be envious of what other people have, be grateful for what god has blessed you with thus far. I am. You should be too. 

Never run from your fears knowing that the greatest power is within you. Run to your fears, head on with faith, knowing you have the power to conquer them.


Angry, sad, upset, joyful, happiness. . it’s all an emotional state of being. You, at all times, control how you feel. Allowing somebody else to dictate your feelings is giving them power over you.


God put inside you everything you need to overcome any obstacle and to chase your own dreams. If you’re not chasing your dreams,  you’re helping someone else to chase their. I believe in chasing my own dreams. So should you.


Although I desire and want the good things in life, keeping up with the Jones’ is not for me, im happy just being me. If youre happy about what other people think of you, youre not living your life, youre living the life other people want you to have, and that’s not good.

No matter where you are in life right now. No matter how you are and no matter how old you are, it is never too late to be the person that you are meant to be.

If you enjoyed these self motivation tips,  you can get more of Hassan’s vlogs at HassanBnet. Or, click next to watch our 100% free video on the neuroscience of self motivation.

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