Studies Reveal Mammoth Benefits Of Spending Time With Animals

  Spending time with cute cats, kittens, dogs and other animals isn’t just a way to get snuggles. Believe it or not there are very many health benefits of animals and pets.


You you love spending time with cute cat, kittens and gods. You love snuggling cute animals. You can’t get enough of them. But did you know that spending time with cute cats, kittens and dogs isn’t just a good way to get snugs but is great for your mental and physical health too?


The Health Benefits of  animals and pets have been scientifically proven


A study published by the Royal Society of Medicine showed that spending time with pets helped minor ailments.

Petting animals lowers blood pressure, which is a huge benefit to your health

Spending time with animals reduces your stress levels. Pets are actually one of the best ways to quiet the mind and produce peace.

So, clearly, animals and pets are freaking awesome

Just one problem

What if you don’t got no pets derp?!


How to Spend Time with Animals When You Don’t Have Pets

Make a list of all your friends who have pets

Call up those friends and ask how you could get involved with their pet life. Can you walk their dog once in a while, for instance?

Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Check out the National Registry of Animal Shelters and see if you can get involved.

Schedule some dates to work at the shelter. Start off with just a little time invested with the shelter. Go, see if you like it, ask yourself how you feel. You’ll probably discover that working at the animal shelter made you feel GREAT. So do more and enjoy!


Spending time with pets isn’t only a great way to get snugs; it’s a great benefit to your health and a great way to help out a worthwhile cause.

So, you should probably go and say thank you to your animals for these health benefits. Give them a snuggle from me.



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