The Actual Definition Of Spirituality Will Probably Surprise You

true definition of spirituality

In this guest post, MJ discusses the true definition of spirituality, and why so many people misconstrue it.

Nowadays, people roll their eyes at the term “soul mates” and aren’t even aware that the term “twin flames” exists. Nowadays, the mass public isn’t into a lot of spirituality, mainly because spirituality is considered fanciful, a romantic notion pleasant to consider but hardly to be taken seriously.

A stereotype has been created that anyone who is into spirituality, or just believes in anything that is somewhat connected to anything spiritual is just “insane”, “crazy” etc.

Well, let’s put this ignorance to rest.

You mustn’t let small talk get to your head and change the way you think. You mustn’t let the uninformed interfere with your spiritual path.

I have asked myself a lot about how people only base their opinions on “something they read” or “something they heard”. Do you really want to let the media and the status quo get to your head and change the way you process your opinions or the way you look at the truth? (Editor: media mind control is one reason you might actually want to consider giving up TV for a year–a real challenge, are you capable?) 

Next time someone decries your beliefs and turns their nose up at your spiritual side, challenge them, question what they’re saying to you. Because maybe, just maybe, your beliefs are right.

It makes me really angry that people just accept any stereotype that crosses their path, in every aspect of life. While this happens in almost every situation, I want to say something about how stereotypes affect the growth of spirituality among people worldwide.



First off, I want to explain what spirituality really means. What is the true definition of spirituality?

Anything non-physical, non-material, affecting our emotions and intuition, triggering various energies within our body, and connected to the unconscious part of our mind is called spiritual. Spirituality is often associated with meditation, as it triggers intense “spiritual awakenings” and helps with “connecting to one’s intuition”.

But, whenever I mention spirituality” in front of the average person, I always get a reaction about religion, because their definition of spirituality is misinformed.

It is true that spirituality and religious beliefs do have things in common, but they are far away from meaning the same thing. Often, the reason people link spirituality to religion is because spirituality and science are two opposite terms, which have no common grounds. Historically people consider religion to be opposite of science (and many great debates and even battles have been thought over this divide). And by extension, spirituality takes the side of religion, because the mass populace considers spirituality to be unscientific.


Spirituality is closer to science than most people realise.

But many people do not realize that the energies that a person’s spirit create or trigger have a much stronger bond with science than with religion. Those energies can be calculated and very much scientifically proven, which means that spirituality is much closer to science than many people realise. And that’s just one more reason why the mass populace’s definition of spirituality is so erroneous, because in many ways spirituality is closer to science than to religion.

We must accept that spirituality will be a part of our lives till the day we die. It will be always a part of our health and conscious and unconscious mind, affecting our perspective of the world. Keeping ourselves spiritually healthy is the best thing we can do to maintain a perfect perspective of the world around us. And that is why we must ensure that the mass public understands and appreciates the true definition of spirituality, because too much is lost in ignorance.

Once the mass public understands the true definition of spirituality, hopefully we can enjoy a happier and healthier time when people embrace spirituality rather than decrying it.


Written by MJ.