Let’s End This Whole Thoughts Creating Reality Debate

Do your thoughts create your reality? What about consciousness? Is the entire world the construct of your own mind. And if it is, why are things the way they are?


The idea that thoughts create reality is complete, unmitigated bollocks. Some self professed “Spiritual Gurus” might like to sell us all on the idea that simply thinking something can make it so. But there’s absolutely zero proof (or even evidence really) that of this.

If you like you may sit in a chair and think about a million pounds for the next year of your life. If you actually end up acquiring a million pounds after thinking about it, I’ll eat my hat.


Thoughts Don’t control Reality, But Consciousness… hmmmmm….

Just to clarify: when I say thoughts don’t change your reality, I very specifically mean thought, which as being separate to consciousness.

Consciousness is an altogether different matter.

Your state of consciousness absolutely can change your reality (which we’ll be looking at later on).

Thoughts, however, cannot. Yet many misguided people are obsessed with “Positive Thinking” because they believe that just telling themselves they’re healthy and successful people will make it so. And this is the fault of all those self-professed “Gurus” who take spirituality and use it as a business.

It is a terrible shame that so much of genuine spirituality has been destroyed by so called “Gurus” trying to sell books.

Now, obviously I can’t go into this in detail in case I get sued, but just go ahead and take a look at the different gurus you see on TV. Take a look at what their friends and families say about them and how they conduct themselves outside of the media. And then ask yourself: Is this an enlightened spiritual being, or just someone who’s trying to make a ton of money?


Do Gurus Actually Believe What They Say?

People listen to “Gurus” far too readily.

Half of the ideas they give are only designed to make money:

The Easy Way To Become Rich

The X Hour Work Week

Two Days To Enlightenment.

Anyone selling such a promise is a charlatan.


The whole Thoughts Create Your Reality argument is just another one of their marketing schemes.

Thoughts do not create your reality. Reality creates your reality.

But unfortunately, unlike every animal in the world, mankind seems determined to prove that we hold all the power in our own minds. That simply is not the case. And it’s really just as well that it isn’t the case.

Would you really feel safe in a world where reality was controlled by the minds of people…? I know I wouldn’t.

The scary thing is, mind control is now a thing. (I recommend you read that link).

So if mind control is a thing. And the thoughts in your mind create reality. Then what?

But I really, really want my thoughts to change reality…?

Sit back for a minute and ask yourself: why do so many people want their thoughts to create reality?

Why do books promising to “Give you the full power of your mind” sell so darned much, even though anyone who’s using just the standard 10% of their brain know such self improvement schemes to be bullshit.

Why are we still so obsessed with it?


Because the self and the ego are controlling us.

Could anything be more egotistical than saying I want my thoughts to control reality…?!

I’m not even sure you could write a more ignorant statement than this.   I want my thoughts to control reality.


I—me / myself. Already we’re looking at a dualistic lifestyle here.

Want—That’s desire. Buddha saw desire as the cause of suffering (“The end of desire is the end of all suffering)

My­—reinforcement of the self

Thoughts—Delusions and, again, focus on the self

To control—Instead of letting go and letting life, we’re controlling.

Reality—So you just want to control everything. Like a Nazi?

This statement, this desire to control reality with your thoughts, is the complete opposite of enlightenment. It completely reinforces the idea of the self, the dualistic mentality. This is only ever going to cause you suffering (Remember, Buddha said “…remove “I”, that’s ego, then remove “want”, that’s desire… Now you are left with happiness.”).

And by the way, where did your idea of your “self” even come from? (read that link. It’s a real eye opener) .

The more you accept reality, the happier, healthier and more successful you will be.

Acceptance of reality is happiness. 

And oneness is enlightenment.

And the more you try to control your reality using your thoughts, the less happy and the less enlightened you will be.



The Importance Of Spirituality In Life

Paul Martin Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential. Don’t miss Paul’s inspirational and enlightening book Journey To The Buddha Within You.