Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation — How To Use A Tibetan Singing Bowl

On this page of our online meditation course we’ll be looking at how to use a Tibetan singing bowl for meditation. So, if you’ve already got a Tibetan singing bowl, go grab it and let’s start meditating!

What is a Tibetan singing bowl? 

A singing bowl is a type of “siting” bowl. The sides of the bell vibrate to produce sound. Tibetan singing bowls are used for meditation practice.

How To Use A Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation 

“Around Rim” Technique

1. Hold the bowl in  your left hand. Hold the mallet in your right hand at around mid-length. Your fingertips should point down and should be touching the wood.

Tap the mallet on the bowl’s side to warm the bell

Using an even pressure, move the mallet clockwise around the outside edge of the bowl. Use a full arm movement and keep stirring the bell almost like soup.

Applying pressure continue to rub the mallet around the outside edge of the singing bowl.

Try not to go too fast but rather allow the volume to build gradually.


Breaking in the Mallet

At first, the mallet with your Tibetan singing bowl will be smooth. Over time, however, it will develop grooves. These grooves help the mallet to catch on the singing bowl. This means that older and more used mallets will produce greater sound.

 Advanced Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Techniques

“Wah Wah” : Most singing bowls allow you to use the Wah Wah technique. Use the technique above to get the bowl singing then pull the mallet away from the bowl while it is still singing. Now, hold the bowl up to your top lip one inch away from your mouth. In this position, silently make your mouth in a “Wah” shape (imagine saying “Wah Wah Wah Wah”). This will change the sound of the bowl.

Water Bowl

You can make a special effect by putting a little water on the bottom of the bowl. This makes the bowl sound like dolphins.

You should use about 3 /4 ” inch of water but dont get the outside rim wet. Again, use the first technique described above then, while the bowl is singing, pull the mallet away.

Now tilt the bowl, causing the water inside to lap towards the rim. Now swirl the bowl. This will create  the sound of dolphins.


 Here’s how great a Tibetan singing bowl can sound!

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